Mia McCauley

Aslanna, the dark elf cavalier, realises life has lost all meaning for her following her lover abandoning her for her sister-in-battle. She takes her own life, quietly and without fanfare. But her stubborn husband has other ideas...

Into the Depths of Hell, My Cat Led Me (updated: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

Back in high school, we read Dante's Inferno. And then wrote our own Hell Paper. Hehehehe.

Divine Right prt2

Clarence Likness

Adins life suddenly takes a new twist

Only a Mortal

Shuo Chen

Follows after the fashion of Empyreal Light and Fanged Kiss. It's shorter though.

Abscence Of The Divine

Tiffany Passmore

This is a revised version of the old copy here. I was thinking of having her as a new White Lion Character. Enter the world of Heaven and you just may be deemed unworthy. Heaven has her own comic now. Check her out at

Last Stand (short story)

Mary Harrison

Here's a story for you. See if you can figure out what happens at the end. ^_^ I apologize for it not making a whole lot of sense. It was really late when I wrote this.


Erin Coats

This little story was inspired by the Rasputina song with the same name. ^_^ Hope you like!

Her Love

Jessica Price

When all else fails, she protects.

The Heretic Wars Part 1: Blasphemy

Jake Diebolt

Nihill, a priest of the Order of the Scroll, has discovered something in an old book that will change his life forever, and may tear the Empire apart. With his friend Semilla, he sets out for a city that may be friendly to his heresy. But already enemies lurk in the shadows. This is part 1 of a four part cycle concerning the Heretic Wars, a period about 300-400 years before the events of A Mother's Blades or The Arsenal: Guardians.

Song of an Exiled Proxy

Diogo Teles

This is the song sung by Davien when he camped near Danish in part two of 'Black Moon in a White Night'. This is also a connecting point between the story of Ëromyd and Davien's main storyline. Well, it's actually in a quite different style, which I thought did not fit at this point in Davien's story, so I added it up to Wyrven's as a separate text. As it is a story about Ëeomyd, one of my most adored characters, I must say I have a special liking to this text. I hope you enjoy it half as much as me. ;)

The Lady of the River

Tara Young

This is a short story that I wrote during one of my English writing classes back in grade 11. I couldn't think of names for the characters so I just ended up using Pwyll and Rhiannon from the Mabingon for names.

Divine Right

Clarence Likness

Thus begins a story of contrast. Magic vs. faith. and stagnation vs. change.

History of The Divine

Matko Galesev

This is the story of creation of my own fantasy world. Well, a short version; I'm still amassing courage for a bible-sized version :D

Book of Candor

David Tepfer

New Book I started a Religious Fiction/Fantasy set in modern times but travels through differnt Realms in space.

A Disputed Beginning


So this sat in my head for a while, like months, before I wrote it in a couple of hours, which is a short time for me. It was inspired by a Japanese woman long ago who actually went from school to school, asking if she could learn the martial arts. I've met plenty of people to whom creating was as important as breathing, so I'm guessing the urge to learn to fight is a similar feeling. Whoever she was, I'm glad passion won over conditioning. Unfortunately I read the account a long time ago and can't find it, which goes to show that one must collect all the junk one can for later reference. 

The One You Can't Ignore

Jorieke Savelkouls

How I'd picture God and the Devil and everything in between. How divinity works and such...

Elemental Divine

Jasmine Pang

Cleo kind of inspired this - at least my dream about her and Mark Antony triggered it off. Somehow that scene was somewhat ironical, though it really did happen in true life.

The Bronze King and Winter's Daughter

A.R. George

'Mortals cannot see all ends. The world is wide and mysterious, and full of gods.' A slightly different myth with a slightly different narrator.

The Ascension

Micah English

Story #11 of the second Nazgrim set. Nazgrim makes a major push into light-born territory in search of Tana, causing a great deal of pain and strife in the process. A last, desperate attempt to protect the Angel of Light is made, and the result...

Searching for Imbrium

Jessica Mitchell

Once more, not really a story. This is an intro for one of my RPG characters and I am debating on starting a story from it.