Shadows IV-VI

James Anderson

The conclusion to my best story yet please read it is truly powerful.

What if Gods were One of Us

Hans Liu

I'm probably going to cop some religious backlash on this, but I assure you, this is meant in the most non-offensive way I can think of (with my limited cranial capacity). I'm tolerant of all religions, I just thought it would be a fun story to write about, and I was right =D. Hope you like it, and find all the hidden messages! Huzzah. For those either too wasted or too impatient to look, pay attention to the chapter headings, and surely, this is NOT a linear sequence.

Lost Aconite

Kate Inquisition

I deticated this to my mother even before I began, and she gave me the story line she wished for it to be about. She wanted to see me write something that wasn't bloody, but she said I could keep it in the medieval time period. Its about a warband from....another place ( ) who come to this beautiful place just to drain all their money, recources, lives even and leave, but when they go, they are overcome by god's grace (as requested) and the warhost, who is telling the story has a change of heart, and he hopes his warband does too, though the story doesnt reveal that. It was difficult to write, because it was our of the norm for me.

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Chapter 5

Adrian Wood

Chased by death, Darien makes a frantic escape from the Boar's Hide as his world begins to crumble and make way for a rising shadow.

Shadows I-III

James Anderson

My greatest story yet, a young man sucked into a story of divine greed and demonic wrath upon his very soul.

Fleu du Elgoria Part II: Chapter VII

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Very important chapter in the development of the book, especially of Gautan's character. Sorry if it is too long, but Gautan - when he gets going - just LOVES to talk.


Jorieke Savelkouls

Life and Death are connected by time.


Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A space-soldier jotted down this abstract poem to get out his feelings as his unit was landing in Puniceus, one of my planets. I already mentioned it, sort of, in one of my poems that I decided to remove afterwards, but... Anyway, I was practicing on really 'obscurizing' simple images such as rain. Tell me if you see what he's talking about.


Heather Nicholson

this poem started when the word divinity popped into my head one afternoon in Algebra class. The rest just sort of flowed out. A wonderful poem....I wish the same could be said about my algebra grade!

Elemental Divine

Jasmine Pang

Cleo kind of inspired this - at least my dream about her and Mark Antony triggered it off. Somehow that scene was somewhat ironical, though it really did happen in true life.

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Prelude

Adrian Wood

Here's the updated and much improved version of my prologue and interim chapter then! Enjoy! The tidings of all epic journeys are weaved in the strands of destiny and time, and so this one begins...

Story: F O R S A K E N - 00.

Inge van den Broek

F O R S A K E N (D i v i n i t y D e s t r o y e d) Prologue. Dawn Of Humanity Comment: Yesh, a complete new story I've been working on this for a while now and finally I'm submitting it. I really hope you like it! Some of you might recognize the title of this story, and that's probably because I didn't think of it myself. Actually, I kinda lent it from Divinity Destroyed, a progressive metal band who are also the creators of the wonderful song Forsaken, upon which the complete story is based. I really liked the lyrics I suppose, and therefor I decided in a flash of inspiration I would write a story of it . As for the writing itself, don't be too hard on me, as English is not my first language (though I probably love it more than Dutch) and thus there will be flaws in my spelling and grammar. Also I'm not that talented in writing, especially not prose - so bear with me I'm in the middle of writing the first actual chapter, though I don't really like what I've got until now. But I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear (well, read) about/of this! Enjoy (Oct 20 2006)

Night at the Beach

M Mmmmm

a true story of an event in my life.

A Fate Worse Than Death

Joshua Price

Allinav, one of seven incarnates, the champions of mortals, finds herself in a war against an invading demonic horde.  At first, the mortals are successful and manage to even slay three of the demon's versions of the incarnates.  However, the incarnates had to spread themselves thin to fight against the demon's vastly superior numbers and now are finding themselves being hunted by the demon's surviving four champions.  Already Sylvenias and Felias, two of the mortal's incarnates, have been killed.  To survive so that they can continue the fight, the four survivors are trying to reunite, but the demons are right behind them.  Allinav is waiting on Syrea to regroup with her so that they can then move to unite with the others.  But will Syrea arrive in time or are things already too late for her? While I don't know if this story will be canonical if/when I finish overhauling the Tigerheart universe, I decided to revise it.  I originally wrote it back on 5/29/06 and, at the time, thought it was a perfectly executed story.  I was horribly, horribly wrong, of course, and over the years I made minor revisions and corrections here and there.  But, the story has long since gotten out of date both on my ability and style and thanks to recent comments, I decided to heavily revise it and finished on 7/9/11.  This is the first story I've started with my revision overhaul on my gallery and, knowing my luck, I'll probably get better during that and this one won't be as good as the others when I'm done.I kept the same general plot, but I made a few changes and greatly expanded some segments, particularly in the second half of the story.  Overall, I'd say it's much better.  This story takes place some 8,000 years before the other stories in the Tigerheart universe do (with a couple of exceptions).   There are two unrelated sequels to the story.  "Fated Destiny" describes events that take place right after this story and "The Legend of Taur" takes place much later and resolves the foreshadowing towards the end.