Not worth a tear - poem

Mona Muhr

I also changed this poem. I think it's a lot better now. Before it was called 'Why wonder' the year 3010: Even Aliens like good-night stories. And this child loves to hear about the last days of the humans...


Alexandra Maccabee

I did this for a friend of mine. I thought a Hexaduad would be fun and I asked him what I should do it on. He told me vampires and that night I got it all done and everything. I showed it to him the next day and he loved it. I was happy, so yeah. I might as well show it to you guys since I like it and everyone I showed it to liked it. You might see alot of hexaduads because I LOVE them! Err, if you dare!

The Flower 1 (Spirit of Hurt)

Brandon Lee

Do we really know what we feel out do we just push it away as though it was someone else

Whither Do The Heroes Go?

Jason Romein

A poem I wrote, inspired by D&D. I tried for a mix of thoughtfulness, rhyme, and rhythym, and I think it worked fairly well.

The Sa'Boah

Brandon Lee

An English essay i had to do for short stories. People said it was nice so i tot u might want to read it. And if u feel i need to finish the book for it just vote for it~ By the way, I have Re-edited the story to remove the typos and errors Do hope u all enjoy.