Raven Flight Chapter Two

David Rookhuyzen

My second chapter republished so my story is in the correct order. Haven't got a chance to edit this chapter again. For refreshers the story arounds a mysterious cloaked swordsman named Damion and a woman named Corean who hast he uncanny ability to talk to animals....

Bite Chapter 12

Amory Koch

Well, it's been a while and I've been writing another story. A fanfic, at that. ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/393950/) But I said to my self, I will finish this story before that. Anyway, things are coming to a head, there is much death, I realized I love really bloody and giant battles where main characters die. I have a really busy semester and I can't seem to work unless I'm mostly busy, so we'll see. Sorry I'm such a slacker updater. Heh. Ok- on to the story! Update: Realized that I had Daven confused with Zara which was ultimately confusing me, so fixed that and some spelling/grammar issues.

Beyond One Night Ch1:The Beginning

Summer Latimer

This is the first chapter to a very long story of mine. I never would have been able to get my stories in the right format if it wasn't for my friend Ryan Guzman.


Lewis King

A very dark kind of poem, to the people of the world...this is what french lessons do to you. I kinda like it though.

Down - Part One: Maximillian's Anecdote

Daniel Blishen

The first part of a large story about a race of intelligent creatures cruelly oppressed and enslaved by their human conquerers.

Desert Rose - Ch II

Lindsay Verde

The PendantFor Epona, the gypsy life is all she has ever known. She has always known that she was different, but could never extract her story from anyone. On one fateful summer morning, under the burning desert sun, she is about to get her wish. Nov '07 - minor editing of grammar. (Still needing a complete overhaul)2012 Project Status: On hold until Dragon Mistress is complete. 


Jennifer Peters

don't ask, don't tell...

Fairy Cow Herder

Bryanne Hart

My sister was reading up on Corgis right after we got ours (for those who don't know, Corgis are a type of dog) and it said they where cow herders and we all had a good laugh because ours was about the size of a large rat (and still is pritty small). Anyway, I don't remember if it was my sister who joked that they where imaginary fairy cows or if the book actually said there was such thing and fairy cows (what is a fairy cow????) but this is how I imagined it and how I wrote it down. I don't usually wright poetry so it dosnt really read right but I thought it was cute anyway. (I think Im done rambling now...)

Maedyn the Wise

Garon Whited

Wisdom does not always come with age, but that's the way to bet.

Tales of Rachel Riding Hood ~ Part 2

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ Sect 2/3 This is the second segment of Rachel Riding Hoods adventures. In this next section, Rachel meets a broader cast of characters and must face the leader of the dreaded... dum dum DUM!!!!

A Birthday Story

Danielle Agar

This is a story I wrote for my best friend's birthday. I had intended it to be part of an ongoing saga, but as with all good intentions... I think there's a Christmas chapter around somehwere. I wonder where that went...

Tale of 2 Kitties (THE END!!!)

H. Rummel

Okay, is everyone sitting down? Do any of you have heart problems? Okay, listen to this 'I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!!!' ***Everyone who knows me falls dead of shock*** All joking aside, this is the grand ending of the 'Tale of 2 Kitties' series. Hope everyone likes it!

Intro to My world

Marcus Ager

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!

Dogs Trained to Kill

Benjamin Hayward

Litterally this story did not take me a year to write, but from the time I first sat down to write it to when I finished the short story over a year had passed. Once I finally finished the story I submitted it as a D&D story to Dragon Magazine for publication. Mind you I didn't expect it to be excepted and it wasn't, but as a quote that I keep hearing goes 'You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Thats referring to basketball and perticipation, but it fits in nicely in this situation. Anyways, have fun reading my first major short story I ever wrote. And now I'll get on with writing the second one. Hopefully it will be excepted to Dragon Magazine, but you might hope the oppisite because if its gets rejected it goes up here and you would get to read it for free :P

CH.03 Paradise Lost

Lora Sigmon

Well...Ch.3... Not a very happy chapter, but I don't guess any of them really are. The people get to the mountains here. Yay for them. If there are typos or plot errors, it's because I do most of my typing between twelve and one in the morning. Yay for caffiene. I'm going to upload a picture of a happy little map.

The Jester's Epitaph

D. Burnham

I've always wanted to see If I could write something like this...It turned out pretty well, I think. As far as the Title goes, I had a strange picture in my head of it being written on a gravestone, hence The Jester's epitaph.

Wolfrunner: Chap 01

Jessica Cannon

When an evil vampire enlists Nikolai the tracker to hunt down a mysterious woman, this journey leads him all over the world to a strange potential ally in a dangerous, post-collapse future.

Lost Dog - Chapter 1

Dan Taylor

Thousands of years after the great apocalypse that wipes out human civilization, man's best friend rises to the apex of evolution.


Kortnee Bryant

This is about hellhounds... what can I say? It's October and all of my professors are talking about doom and gloom.

Worthless Bloodshed

Lilleah West

a short story. as the title says, its got blood, this is different than my other things, thats because i did it for school, it sorta about a gang in a fantasy-type world similar to earth, i still like this story, its bold ;)