Through Death's Doorway

Mike Reese

Three boys are selected from their school of magic to stop an invasion of demons before it starts. This is kind of an ongoing amusment for me!

God's Door

j. lawrence

this isn't really a religous poem, to be honest, i don't think i believe in god. but this is really just me asking myself questions in a pretty strange format...

Door of the Ancients - Chapter Three

Andrew Rice

Chapter Three of the novel. It's short. It's meant to set up the next chapter for a load of information and a sweet battle scene ;)

Door of the Ancients - Prelude

Andrew Rice

The prelude to what will hopefully unfold into a novel. It introduces the reader to some of the essential characters of the plot. *nayithe : An Elven swear word.

Door of the Ancients - Chapter Two

Andrew Rice

Chapter Two shows us a new side of a previous character. Could this be his own will, or someone elses? Furthermore we see that Clipse is nearing Tharios. However, what do all of his feelings mean? Ajax also makes an appearance. What is going on inside of him? Why he is addressed by something else that isn't his name? Just a two definitions this time. One of them was defined in the last chapter but I wasn't sure if I should do it again... so I did. Anyway, here they are: Nofle: A rare bird of extravagant colors. It is a hard bird to cook and most chefs fail miserable when attempting to prepare it. Krux: A unit of measurment that roughly equates to a mile. However, it can also be used in exageration such as 'You must've thrown that at least a krux away!' Hope you enjoy, this is my favorite thus far.

'Fluffy' or “How did a Space Cat end up in the Lost City of Atlantis anyway?”

Lara Mattison

Once upon a time, my school had a creative writing club where writing actually got done. A game we liked to play was one where we drew a character, a job, a place, and a situation. I drew 'Space Cat', 'Door to door salesmen', 'The lost city of Atlanatis' and 'Having a full stomach from lunch'. It ended up as this very silly story.

Three crossways

Josephine Rosén

Just a short intermezzo at the tavern Three crossroads, visited by many strange and weird customers...


Emma Cuddy

This is a poem I wrote about nightmares, its not that good, but at least it is some new material. Please leave comments, as I will be lurking nearby................

Mirror mirror

L. Viner

A lot of cultures seem to believe the mirror is some sort of gateway to another realm, a passage to all sort of night creatures... Do we really want to know what hides behind the mirror?

loony and luis 1 (?)

Alon Samuel

this is a story I wrote a few years ago.I thought it was funny so I put it on. enjoy! I was thinking of making it a series of tories but I'm not sure yet.

Forsaken Genesis-Chapter 1

Brian Murphy

The Blood Insignia:The Birth of the Monster This is the first Chapter of the story I'm writing. Hope you like it.

The Secret Garden

Bianca Tangermann

In no way related to the classic story (which I hate, by the way) and my first story in this gallery with no merpeople in it. This is a short bit I wrote on New Year's Eve while being depressed, it's kind of an extended metaphor subtly describing the reasons for my depression. Hope the message comes through...

The Door

L. Viner

About a door that guards the passage to the edge of the world.

Beyond The Bush Chapter 2

Tom Shine

Thanks to the great Megan Proverbs for the title. I can't believe I never thought of it myself! *shame* So did the suspense at the end of chapter 1 get to ya? I hope not, because in this one you shall be sorely disappointed. Introduction of Mirt, a character inspired by the fantastic child characters created by David Eddings. her arrival brings more mystery to this somewhat dull tale. Where did she come from? Why does she act so grown up? And what is Ril? You'll find out in the next chapter. But meanwhile, read on... It gets more fantastical in the next parts, I promise.


Maria Elmindreda L

This is poem written, addressing to a character of a story written in co-authorship with my friend Shanra. If you wish to know more about the character addressed and the love story, see 'Kay - A Demon's Story' in my library and her 'Beyond Time Lies the Heart' story.

The Tale of Forever

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

even though i don't care for the whole romance thing... i guess i'm not that bad at writing it...

*the angel and the sea

f. hiromitsu

a poem that i found in one of my notebooks, HAPPY BIRTHDAY?

Lilies Manor

Courtney A.K.A Angel Rhiwallon

This was taken from a dream that i had, I myself am in this story Lady Scry is me. I don't know what spawned this dream but it has been haunting me till i have written it in this place. Hopefully now it will leave me and haunt one of you. *chuckles* no offence intended. But i would like to welcome you all to the haunt of my life LiLies manor

The Willow Door

Christina Shockey

 This is one of the four stories which are now at the top of my list. I'm hoping to get it published, if its anywhere good enough. I hope so.... I'm working really hard on....Hope you like it!! =)

Song of Elves

Bri Smart

Another name for this story poem is The Eternal Door. This poem, like all my others, has something to do with one of my stories. It tells of what happened to the all the elves that live in the land that the story is based in. This poem/song is what helps the main character discover what happened to the elves. This is the updated version of the song/poem without all the flaws.