Draft Unicorn Team

Lilleah West

the short story of 2 elfs who hitch up their team of powerful draft-unicorns on an urgent delivery of dragons eggs.

In the Dirt

E. Hanna

If you don't like sci-fi battles, this story is for you. If you do like sci-fi battles, this story is for you. This narrative is theme driven; my hope is the details are fluid enough to make the story universal. Praise and criticism encouraged.

Annalisse- Rough scene

Liane Moyer

This is just a scene that popped into my head when I was thinking of a character I was developing. So I typed it out. I know it is rough. Any comments welcome. ^-^


Michelle Lackey

This is literally an experiment. Depending on the response it gets, I don't know if I will write much more on it. The little blurb at the beginning explains the whole basis of the story and 'The Steed' is written as either a first chapter or a lead-in. Can't wait for your comments!

Charger pt. 2

Michelle Lackey

Well, needless to say, the first part of Charger was an absolute hit. My only regret: setting the bar so high. I mean, heck, that first part is pretty good... now I just gotta keep it up... Anyway, enough ranting. Getting a little deeper here with the addition of one new character who, yes, is a bit stuck up - but he makes great comic relief. Little side note - I can't make up my mind if Kigarra Suphe should be in italics or not so if it just randomly changes, don't worry about it. What else...? Oh, they refer to the 'lana-tayla' in this part. They are referring to a position that someone holds, you know, a position of importance among Charger's people. So, the golden woman's name isn't 'lana-tayla' but she is. Kind of like Lincoln being pressy but his name being Abraham. As for what she does exactly... well, she isn't a president and that's part of the mystery. (No, you gutter brains out there, she doesn't blow people apart or anything gory like that.)