Maze of Bodies

Cherie Duarte

This story is basically about a maze of bodies that an elf girl, a human boy and his classmates encounter. They travel through the maze, each group separated, and come to certin fates.

The Villiage In The Trees: Part One

Cheryl Andrews

This is the first part of an epic fantasy that will keep you on the edge of your computer chairs!

The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

An Unexpected Reward

Chelsa Dagley

A man who spent his entire life seeking a treasure, receives instead something completely unexpected.

Merinov Saga: IV - The Lost Sister

Andrew Corner

The final story in the arc, and shamefully, the shortest. It depicts the final two characters in the line of Merinov, fully introducing the family historian, Nala, who becomes a member of the Psionicists, and her brother, Rhuld, who continues the Paladin family history. I fully intend to work and improve the quality of all four stories: Dark Day, Yellowed Letter, Longest Knight, and Lost Sister. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions to do so.

Meeting Demuri: possible COD chapter

Danielle Staab

This may or may not be included in the final cut of COD. Here Memnoch meets Demuri, a dragon cursed to live out his days as a horror. This was inspired by a pic at the WickedMoon card site. Check it out, but don't let that dragon fool you, Memnoch looks nothing like that.

The Return to Pachua

D Dalley

This is part one of two of a short back story to a series I am currently writing.

Dragon Rising

A. Ulinski

On a jewel of an island warded by a single, magnificent dragon, Aldara knew exactly who she was and what she was to become. But blood - both hers and the Warden's - has the power to change lives, loves, and celestial bodies.

Siren's Song

Ruena Houck

A poem telling the story of a man being led to his doom by a siren.

Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

Forest Dragoness, Chapter 2

Frederick Delles

Continuation of Chapter 1 of my novel.

IX: Enmity

David Lee

X: And Then There Were Four

David Lee

Embracing the Wind: XII

David Lee

The War of Evelon- Chapter Seven

Gene Erno

Burning Questions Gareth struggles with the burden placed upon him by the words of the mysterious stranger.

Battle of the Elements Chapter 3

Carolyn Nicholakis

A war is decalred in a dragon world that threatens to rip it apart. Only a saviour from another world can lead one side to victory.


Amanda Virus' Shea

Humans trappingd dragons. quite sad. Or you could say that they arent drgons. its your imagination.

Chapter III

Sara Drakos

chapter iii to the elements story.

Baby Advice

Jessica McCollam

A story inspired by one of Becky Gerdel's pictures.

A Secret Parting

Vincent Roland

A man has been living with his wife for many years but feels restraint and so decides to leave for an adventure to slay a dragon. However would you really leave what you've started in life?