The March of the Dragoon

Charles W. Timm

This is the first version of the fifth 'I have Fallen from Grace' story. It has been finished, but not checked for errors. This is the second story that I had planned out before hand(the first one being 'The Traitors last Words'). I just remembered story line of it and changed it to fit the 'I have Fallen from Grace' series. Also, this story was inspired by the mile run in gym, seriously! I pretended I was this character that hour.

The Dragon Champion and the Dragon of Bones

Sarah Stover

Anywho, this is an extra credit epic I did for my advanced English class. See, I wanted to bring up my grade two points so that I would meet the requirements to not take the final, which is I need to get an 85 or higher in order to not take the final at the end of the year. So my teacher said I could write an epic, and I did. At first I wasn't sure what to write about, but then I remembered the picture of King Dragoon and Lord Moth that I did over the summer, and decided to write a story with King Dragoon. I printed out a copy of that picture, as I had no clue where the original was and I only had one night to do it, and inked over the lines with my pen. Speaking of that picture...I really need to color it and digitally ink it... And on a final note, this is the first story I've actually written. I sort of did one in 5th grade...but it was required and for school...and I don't really count it. So yeah, enjoy! ^.^

The Birth of a Prophetess

J. Coates

This is one of my role playing characters, I love her story. She is so mysterious, so when she shares a bit of herself with me it is very exciting. A new version of this story is on the way.


Matthew Dellit

The introduction to a story/screenplay that i have had buzzing about inside my head for a while now.

As of yet untitled...

Chaney Robertson

An interesting tale about a character who's concept I have been toying around with for quite some time. I think this one is one of the best I've managed to produce in a good long while.