Forest Dragoness, Chapter 2

Frederick Delles

Continuation of Chapter 1 of my novel.

A Shadow's Heart: Part One

andrew corey

can a shadow feel? can it have a heart?

The daggers of destiny- Chapter 2

Jason Pfaehler

about 2 people who are drug to do a big adventure

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

The plotting and intrigue continue! Este and Arimela still try to win both the heart of a Prince and a future...

Darkness Inside

Katherine Borden-King

This began as my final project for creative writing class, but it will, hopefully, evolve into much more.

Moonlight Wondering (Part Two)

Alexander Tash

The next excerpt from the long story of a teenage girl learning about her past.

The Penguinator

Hans Liu

Oh look, it's an English essay I wrote. I forgot what the topic was, I just wanted to write about penguins. Doesn't matter, I got full marks =P Woohoo!

Failsafe Episode 1: Giants

Ethan Baker

Failsafe is an episodic story with anthropomorphic characters, set in Hong Kong thirty two years in the future after a third world war. Failsafe was originally inspired by the anime OVA, Fooly Cooly with influences from the anime Gad Guard, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the ska band Five Iron Frenzy, and some elements of my own life. (all of the episode are in fact named after FIF songs, some loosely based off the lyrics) While far from masterful, I believe Failsafe is my best work to date. I designed the story to play out kind of like a TV series or a graphic novel, with a total of fourteen episodes in the works.

Three Devils: Prologue

Maxine David

Be careful what you wish for. Wish for? Wish for is weak compared to the power that she unleashed. Wish for is a fuzzy mouse when faced with this. This is the power of a book…but not just any book: the book of the Three Devils. Locked away since the dawn of time, it has managed to get into the hands of a woman. Now, that woman holds the fate of the world in her hands…and she doesn’t even know it.

Moon on the Water


A princess has her view of the world rudely challenged when a mysterious hermit disrupts the preparations for her wedding. Revised and re-uploaded. (Now with speech marks.)


Becky Harbison

Things are not as they seem when priestess visits a criminal. A bit of a ficlet in preparation for NaNoWriMo '05.

Yamato: The New Adventure: Episode 5 Attack

Nathaniel Miller

Episode five of a fan fiction for Final Yamato Movie Sequel: By Voyager Entertainment. Part 5 of 7 mini series like James Clavell's Shogun TV Mini Series.

Rose Snow: Space Explorer

Nathaniel Miller

A story of the Federation Officer's Mission to apprehend a fugitive of the Federation to only and up to be a family reunion.

The Chambers of Grim

Nathaniel Miller

A plague ransacks post apocalyptic Earth and the only way to help is to isolate the sick in chambers to find a cure.

The Entity of Castle brook Close

Nathaniel Miller

A demonic entity has inhabited an abandoned building and it takes police, clergy and a psychic to perform an exorcism to root it out but not without 50 deaths.

Timmy Swanson: ISIS The Next Generation

Nathaniel Miller

Picture This Contest Entry, Where a teen is bullied and is helped by a muslim girl to follow in love and follow their ways for a Jihad against his attackers.

Steam Dancer

Nathaniel Miller

An interlude with a college student and a mystery man in a steamy covered window

Dum! Duuum! Duuuum!

Nathaniel Miller

Thanks to a user on, his entry in a notebook online, I was inspired to pen this who dunnit piece

Forest Dragoness, Chapter 1

Frederick Delles

Rianneth Frostleaf is on a mission to find her half-sister Narilee, a potential threat to both elven and human kingdoms, and kill her. But based on the brutal attacks on the nearby human towns, she thinks of the queen, the military, and her rival Diana as mere aggressors attempting to destroy all potential rivals. Can Rianneth get to Narilee first and get them to sue for peace? This idea was inspired by a D&D Forgotten Realms (TM) campaign I wrote, as well as the novel 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad and the critically-acclaimed movie 'Apocalypse Now' (

Dramatic Tension

Charles Clay

The characters in this story aren't connected to the 'main' story in any way. I just woke up one morning and decided that I wanted to write a fantasy story with no sword fights, wars of fate, midnight rooftop chases, or even any real danger. I suppose I wanted to prove to myself that Ennorac wasn't just a place for stories to happen, but a world that (relatively) normal people lived in on a day-to-day basis. So here is the sordid result. Let me know what you think.