Mare Maris (Sea)

Matthew Deagle

Just a somewhat surreal little thing describing the sea... Related to a character in a fantasy story I'm writing... I gave this to a friend once as a gift, I believe...but that doesn't mean I can't put it in Elfwood... Kind of a Celtic/Maritime air about it...and with good reason... The story I mentioned has to do much with Faeries, which as you hopefully know, were (and are) a large part of Celtic mythology...

Welcome Dreamer

Christopher Stokes

Actually written in a chat rom waiting for any one to show up and talk. I think it is a very nice little poem.Some funny rymes and i like the format a lot. its very lght hearted and if i did it right you should be smiling by the time you finish it,or at least a little grin. That and i even lost count of how many fantasy referances i made..oz ,narnia ,the hobbit, alice , and that mostly in the first paragraph..ha!

The Observer

Jake Beasley

The river of time does not flow unheeded. One broken soul watches over it...


'Ophelia' Myers

This is a story about magic and dreams, and how they can affect your life. You better believe it, they really can affect it, in many different ways....

Learn to Believe

Melissa Carter

3-page (according to Word) poem. I really dug in the dirt to get this one, I think it's kinda weird.


Terra Turner

I couldn't come up with a good title for this. The idea was to write something from a fantasy creature's point of veiw about the human race. I chose faeries (Obviously) Anyway hope you like it. P.S. Constructive critisim would be greatly appreciated!

Storytellers: The Dreamer 1

Yelitza VĂ©lez

Aha! I have finally written another one!! This one is also based on a dream I had, and it's set in the Dreamscapes world of Terra. The characters in this story, however, are not humans, they are elves. WARNING: the first part have me a lot of trouble to write, but I promise that if you can get thru that the story gets better and flows much more freely too. Ok, read on!

My Sisters’ Sorrows (poem)

Eliza Hemington

A recently completed poem in iambic quadrameter. Critiques would be greatly appreciated. I am currently debating the addition of a few stanzas as well as overall expansion. (A 2004 piece)

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 2)

Jade Bailey

the second chapter of my story, which introduces sianrel, another of my main characters. a very cool bloke indeed. most people hate him simply because they cannot understand him, so he's taken to being a bit quiet and shy. 's not fun, being the orphaned son of a witch and a madman... well, supposedly. in this chapter, his dreams of adventure teeter on the brink of realisation...

The Dreamer's Tale

Shawn Reed

Perhaps some of you wonder how the title has anything to do with the story... Well, this was originally a project I did for a composition class in high school. We needed to write a story in the fashion of a noted artist. I chose the only well-known medieval age writer. I consider myself a dreamer. Thus, this is the story I told.


Lindsay Cooper

This is my ideal world...


Rachel Morgan

This is a great story for you beginners who don't know my transformer vocabulary. This whole conversation was going through my mind during a football game. As soon as I got home I wrote it down. Have fun!

Warning Sign (part 2)

Zach Archer

While searching for Anias, Lauren and her companions are ensorcelled into a terrible nightmare...


Erin Carter

Using my name, I describe myself. Rather old, but still fits


Carolyn F. Jong

I saw her in a dream... She told me in the softest voice, of her sad thread in the tapestry of fate, pulled from the cloth by the wheel of destiny.

Tivona (Chapter One)

Crystal Dawn

A story about a woman tortured by dreams, who must save herself before one that would devour her soul destroys her .. first she must decide who are her enemies, and who are her friends. (90% of this is actually DIRECTLY from a solo I've been working on in the rp chat room I go to .. that's why it might seem a little odd .. I only wrote about one paragraph a day, and so each one is inspired by different thoughts and emotions ..)

'The Dreamer'

Elizabeth Steen

This is the poem I created for one of my poetry webpages.


John Butler

Fatanstic is the adjective form of the word Fantasy. So in some sense, Bob Smith is a very Fantastic man In others, he is far from it.

The Last of the Dreamers

Katie Hallahan

One of the last members of a dying breed laments the fall of society to coldness and corporation....

It's only a dream... (ch.2)

Victoriana Ravenscraft

This is the second part of It's only a dream... In it the scene shifts to another part of this fantasy world that Jacqueline has found herself in. Towards the end, though, the scene again shifts back for the reader to see how Jacqueline is doing... briefly.