Dreamers (chapter 6)

Eve Peters-Campbell

Okay, you guys are gonna hurt me, but I actually wrote this ages and ages and ages ago, but didn't put it up because I didn't get around to going over it. Still haven't, actually, so there are some changes I want to make and will probably put an updated version in at some point. But the point is, what with popular demand for more and stuff- a new (for you at least) chapter. Now, I DON'T have another full and complete chapter prepared at teh moment, so this won't be immediately followed by another, but I'll try to finish up the next one before long. (less than the year or two it took to put this one up) I also don't guaruntee that it will necessarily be in the future- I'm thinking at some point of fleshing out the childhood a bit more. Btw, the web publishing thing I mentioned I backed out on. Didn't seem like a good idea at the moment. ANYWAY- We have: The Morning After. Enjoy!

Dreamers (Chapter 14)

Eve Peters-Campbell

Yeah, it's an update. And you thought after three years it was dead-- fooled you! *laugh* Seriously, I'm really sorry about my vanishing. I will sincerely try not to take three years to get chapter fifteen done.

Dreamers (Chapter 12)

Eve Peters-Campbell

What can I say? If you've read the past eleven chapters you probably know pretty much what's going on, and if not, this probably isn't the best point to jump in. But suit yourself!

The Dreamers Hymn

Stevie Bush

A poem of nature and a description of the guy of my dream ::smiles:: This, I have found, can also be compared to the pagan God.

Sing River, Run River

Mai Zhang

A further tale of the lark elemental and the world of dreams, although this time he is far more successful.

Dreamers (Chapter 9)

Eve Peters-Campbell

Another chapter. The fact is, I miss Shar too, as well as those of you who've yelled at me for not having him in the last couple chapters, but I mean, that's the whole reason poor Tier's upset. He's missing. Anyway, trying to move on to the point where he gets found (if he gets found Muahahahaha) ... (just kidding, of course he's coming back, otherwise I'd just type Shar's Dead, The End, and call it good.) But be patient folks, I can't rush the story line.

Dreamers (Chapter 13)

Eve Peters-Campbell

Okay, so it's been a while. Started back up at school after a 5 year break, and suddenly was short on time. Plus I got to a turning point in the story and had to figure out where it was going next. Here's the beginning of the solution. Hope you enjoy it! Point the second: Since I am (notoriously) terrilble at frequent updates, and I can completely understand people giving up in despair and not checking in periodically, I'm forming a list of those who want updates. If you would like to be added to this list, e-mail me- there's a button off to the right to do that. Put something about elfwood in the subject line so I don't delete it out of hand, and let me know exactly what you want to know about (eg all updates, Dreamers updates, whatever.) Feel free to say anything else too, of course, feedback is fun. And now, back to the story...

Dreamers (Chapter: 11)

Eve Peters-Campbell

Reunion. Third one today. I'm going to bed. Goodnight, folks, hope you like the additions.

Dreamers (Chapter: 10)

Eve Peters-Campbell

2 chapters so far today- woohoo. Both significantly shorter than my wont, but hey, better than nothing, neh? Some people have complained about the chapters being too long anyway. Gonna try for one more. Anyway, in Chapter Ten: Tierelle and Irava go out to explore the city.


This really doesn't have much to do with anything. It's similar to the other two, but don't worry, one day I'll do something new...lol.

Warning Sign (part 2)

Zach Archer

While searching for Anias, Lauren and her companions are ensorcelled into a terrible nightmare...

The Guardian of Dreamers...

Kelsie Elizabeth

This story is inspired by this picture by Leah Huete. Used with her permission. The picture doesn't strike me as particularly sad, but the story just turned out that way. Also an exercise in dialogue. I need to write something happy for a change... Also, a couple formatting errors that should be fixed shortly. 2003(?) 3 pgs.

Warning Sign (part 1)

Zach Archer

Lauren and Anias, two young sleepwalkers, learn of the perils lurking within Dreamland, and meet veteran dreamers eager to assist...

Prospect of Destiny - 3

Ben Brannan

I begin to define Daemon's character more in this, as you'll find out. This is the longest chapter I've written so far, but I hope you like it! I left out a lot of stuff cuz it was too long for my liking (don't ask me to add it in... I forgot what it was now.) 3,734 words. 7 pages.

Jake 8

Andrew Casey

At the school, powers develope and old aquiantances return.