DLV: Special: Darien's Essay

Faraz Hussain

An essay from Darien's point of view. Wanted to try out first person writing. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence).

DLV: Chapter 3

Faraz Hussain

Darien visits another city and almost drinks Ashton's blood. Ashton and Michael find a vigilante (and hold hands ~_~).

Pagan U.

Allan Engle

Two old classmates bump into each other in a bar and start socializing. The night soon catches up to them as the students of Pagan U. begin the hunt.

Chapter Six: Regarding Princes & Dragons

A time of transition has come upon us--more importantly for Eyris and Rune and all those whose company they partake of regularly. What does that mean? I guess you'll have to read to find out... For updates on publication and distribution, please visit: balladofthemoon.blogspot.com/  UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/126941  All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :)  Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/13/11

DLV Chapter 4

Faraz Hussain

Darien is visited by Dracula and learns the history of vampires. The vampire that got away returns with a few tricks up his sleeves.

Fire and Water~~Ch. 3

F. Schultz

We're back to Kaiser as he walks the streets of Evermore. A special appearance of our favourite bartending elf!

Creature of Death

Heather Drake

I wrote this after reading a slew of vampire novels (or perhaps a kiss of vampire novels). I always find myself wondering if this strange creatures have a conscience or if that part of them dies with their humanity. Then I find myself wondering what Asher (from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series) looks like in the buff. I think I take myself too seriously.

That is the Question

Stephanie Covington

Homework for creative writing class winter 1999 ..... It came out rather well actually.

Confessions Of An Alcoholic

Ryan Saunders

They say too much drinking can kill you..

little innocent glass vessel

Tamara Thiersmann

This poem was written much later than Misery, but the feelings they invoke in me are so closely related that I am compelled to dub this the sequel to Misery.I really enjoyed how the sillouhette of this poem, when centered, rather resembles a little glass jar.


Charles Trowbridge

Here is a dialog that I wrote a while back for a friend of mine. It was based on a conversation we had one night about what a dillitaunt and a soilder on an admerial's ship over x-mas might talk about in the dark future. I promised her that I would finish it for her, however by the time that I had, it was too late, she had left the city never to be seen again.

Caria's Painting

Hannah-Beth Carter

I actually wrote this as an 'example roleplay' piece for a supernatural-themed board. As I wrote, it turned into this short story (and as it happens, I was also accepted). Modern vampires are a perennial favourite of mine.

Warrior's memories

Natalie (Gerie Aren)

In some inn sits a generic old warrior, scars from head to toe, and drinks to erase the line between his glorious past and his sad present...

The meeting

Taylor Hubler

This is really a part of a story, more in the middle of something i once started with someone else. Yes i did obtain permission to post this from the person who own Valerie.

DLV: Chapter 1

Faraz Hussain

An introduction to Darien. My first attempt at modern fantasy. Modern fantasy sure is tough to write when your character isn't suppossed to be able to feel much towards humanity.

DLV: Chapter 2

Faraz Hussain

Darien goes to school and kicks some butt at basketball =D.

The Drunken Wanderer (poem)

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this poem with one of my good friends, who happened to sign my guestbook as Laurie-girl. It's really a very odd poem, but quite interesting, if I do say so myself. And I know it is somewhat random, and there are some rhymthm problems, but hey... (A 2004 piece)

The Hunt For the Arcea Stone- Part I: The Contact

Jonelle Edwards

This is a new story series for me, my first real attempt at writing sci-fi. It may seem a bit like the Foundation series, just becasue I was reading those books while I was writing this (sort of my little tribute to Issac Asimov)

Education in Corruption

Michelle Schad

This takes place when Gannon is just a wee lad and Taelon has only been with the Imperial family for a few years. He takes it upon himself to corrupt the young Prince and this is how it starts.


Aira Stewart

Just a poem thing i guess. I just finished reading most of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles and well...this is the wierd thing that happened! Result of wierd vampire muse-type thing coming to say hi! I'm kinda scared now!