Brother of Rat

Sean Daily

One of the most popular bar songs in Tayassam, a chiroptim ghetto in New York City and the scene of my upcoming roleplaying system. It's like 'A Fairy Tale of New York' to chiroptim. Imagine the guys singing one chorus, then the ladies, then everyone all together in the final chorus.

Saturday Night Lights

Chelsea Castonguay

What happens when mysterious beings show up at a kegger?

Glass Hearts -- Chapter 1

Shiloh Drake

Liyen comes back with his elven companion to find his childhood sweetheart, but things don't go as he planned.

The Poet’s Tale

Anthony HartJones

Lying in the gutter, a poet thinks about the mistakes that led him there...

Omega Sun: Prologue - 'Sisters'

Allison Lynch

This is the first part of a series I'm planning, involving the characters in this. This is a way of introducing them without getting too far into their past (and believe me, they have a past). More will be coming soon.

The Dhampir and the Seventh Son

Rebecca Gordon

Two staples of Romanian classic legend brough together, as so many times before. I turned this in to my Advanced Composition teacher and got a 100. I hope it recieves the same rating from you. ^^ Quite a twist at the end. ^^

Intro to Deyrk (The Innocence of Pain)

J.M. Jakobsen

An introduction to a main character from my one-day series, 'The Innocence of Pain.'

Thirty Pints


My favourite half-elf gets herself into a contest she can't possibly win!


Sean Michaels

A favourite of mine, this piece is not so much 'High Fantasy', but rather a fantastical, slightly post-modern short story. It is the tale of Will Teck: a teenager who has lost his way, and of Cyrano de Bergerac - whether imaginary or real - who seems to help Will find his way. It deals with love, literature - and - the fantastical, and is among the funnier short stories I have written, though carrying a literary punch. Despite the lack of Elves or Orcs, I hope you enjoy it - and I would welcome emails/comments about it, as I am attempting to prepare it for formal publication.

Conversations With Strangers

Emma Kathryn

Been working on a new character lately. Her name is Taint and she's an assassin for the empress. Taint has a brand on her back where she was once attacked by a demon lover and as a result has many demon-like qualities, leaving her not entirely human. This piece was written for my mate Kyle, mainly because I lost a bet but it also gave me some incentive to actually take Taint for a test drive and give the environment a shot. The main influences for the setting are a mix of Norse and Chinese mythology but thrown into a futuristic time. We'll see how it goes. Hope you like her.

Black Morshando

Brittany Zayas

This is from a sci-fi story I created about space pirates...I made it up before 'Treasure Planet', I swear! It's different...Not for little children generally, but this excerpt is very mild. It was written just for fun, really, eventually I'll upload some bigger stuff from this.

Cleo part 3

Miranda R.

I think the story speaks for itself... ^^;;; yah! anywhoo.... Enjoy!

On Dragons' Wings Ch 14

Vicki Leady

Fourteenth chapter of 'On Dragons' Wings.' A bit of emotion in the beginning but some fun at the end to balance it all out. ^_^

The Time of the Night For A Brewing

David Pearlman

I wrote this as a drinking song from northern shride. Namely the Gammrian Kingdom. It's written rather strange because it's being sung by drunk adventurers or other sort and some of it dosn't sound right. Slang of shride should follow this shortly.

The Paranormal Persons' New Year's Eve Party

Amy Schley

Another story staring everyone's favorite undead tax attorney. Ted and Gigi go the ball, but nothing goes quite as planned. We learn more about Ted as well as some of the other folks in the Paranormal community. All song lyrics are property of their respective owners.

Diane 3

Katrina Constantine

this is part three of the ongoing saga. I had to put more backround type stuff in than I would have liked. but it had been so long since I wrote about Diane that I needed to get a feel for her again. now all I need to do is get diane 4 written..within the next year *Grins*

Dwarven Drinking Song

Adrian Wood

I wrote this when I came back (more than sightly tipsy) late one night from the pub, so this isn't one to be taken too seriously haha! A popular dwarven pub song where each chorus the drinks are downed. If you're still sitting after the last chorus (well done), the song starts again until there's no more dwarves left!

Drinking Fountin Devils

Megan Novak

An assignment for Creative Writing. We had to make up a seemingly innocent thing as a monster, or something like that. I actually got this story published in the Varia.

For The Love of Yes-Men

Phil Hickey

This story is not quite finished, but I thought I would submit what I have, and hopefully by the time I have it finished, I will have accumulated enough comments that I can have a good tight story. (Hint, hint) It's basicly about perversion. Update: Thank you for your comments. It is getting there. I hope that what I am adding here clears things up a bit.


Piksi Teamer

Hopefully this will make you think...