looking back

Deanna Scott

Most drow would tell you that love is weakness. If that is so, it is without doubt mine. But I will not change, and only for tonight will I look back at what is lost...

A Chance Encounter

Mia McCauley

The first meeting of Zannah and Vinx.

Academy Chronicles Ch.5

H. Coyne

The ill-fated incident of the Dark Eldar and a snooty Hind, with some drunk peasants to boot.


Christopher Keefer

A quick little ditty of a story I whipped up for a friend who needed to impress a girl. Hopefully, it had the desired effect. Now, I should try that myself...

Nightstalkers 61-70

CHAN Chih Lancelot

my project of story and music

Nightstalkers Music Synopsis

CHAN Chih Lancelot

It's about the music of the series.

Nightstalkers 21-30

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life.

Holst's Jupiter: Chapter Two

Mike Prescott

More of that loveable little Nimpie!

Kivad, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

The raid that started it all. The Kivad novel is a 'quasi-completed' series of Everquest fanfiction that I have forever put on hold for two reasons. One, the story had no plan... I simply sat down, and wrote without any idea where it was going, which works for some people, but I wound up with a long story without much of a plot. For some stories, it works, but I just didn't feel much was accomplished. The second reason is following a 'dark elf child' through birth (while in this case, it does have the interesting 'half-dark elf' deal) is a concept that was already covered by R.A. Salvatore, and I felt that reguardless on what additional twists I put on this story, the main character would have come out exactly like Drizzt. But anyway, I am working on bigger and better things and will post the Kivad series up for critique and inspection. Heck, who knows, maybe someone will like it. :-)

Kivad, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The following aftermath after the Chapter 1 Raid

Hymn to the Universe

Daniel (Lunar Raven)

This is another poem, about this group of futuristic elves (I've recently named them chaziir) that are so technologically advanced that they are seperate from reality

Tierae (1)

Morgan Meyer

Set in a world after our own with magic, elves, dragons, and such where the elves are in power and humans are discriminated. In what was once Europe, a young archer and metal smith joins with the country's army to fight against the threat of orcs and drow after her father's death.


Teresa Vogtman

I know that this starts in the middle of a story. I lost the disk with the beginning on it and I haven't found the version that I wrote out in the car. Anyway, it's about a half-elf with a lot of secrets and how she befriends a griffin. It's pretty cute, plus it has Shandor in it. Again, no where near finished... :P

Mercy and Merciless

Emily Karnes

An excerpt from my novel--hopefully finished within the year--Emerald Fire. The main character has certain impairments, to avoid spoilers...this is how she got them. Please, don't copy any names or original concepts. ('Therian' is mine! No! Off-limits! *makes little x with fingers* ...Please?)


Sean Harris

A new character of mine. Yet another surface drow. They are getting a bit too common but I love elves in general.

Fortress of Oscrael Glossary

William Bishop III

Ever wonder what the heck some of the references in the story were refering to? Here you can find out what's goin' on! If you have the time to read ALL, it gives good insight to later parts of the story.

Little Stick

Dream Black

This is Stick's introduction in his own words


Dream Black

How Zinfandael Ut'Cherwar became Cursed.

The Past (Part 2)

Scarper Shone

The second part of my D&D character's (and hisĀ friends) story. Yes, it is MUCH shorter than the first one.

My Goddess

Chelsea Castonguay

A poem about a drow male who is slowly dying while his female, who was enslaved to him for centures (yes, a very strange occurance) considers the situation.