The Kiss

Kate Chamberlain

Well, in case you don't understand, it's pretty much about some sort of mercreature surfacing and drowning a boy. =P Wrote it a while ago. ^.^

Chapter six: The Landing

Anna Young

 This is the sixth chapter of my story. Like always I would love to hear all of your comments and criticism as well as any title ideas you may have. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with how this chapter turned out but I want to hear what everybody else thinks. If you see any mistakes in spelling, grammar or even just the story in general, please let me know. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Prologue to "The Other Doors"

E. Nadeau

Aha! The prologue to another one of my books that will probably never get finished. How did this get here?

Out of the Old Country: The Lorelei in Oklahoma

Nadia Rundlett

Once upon a time, German immigrants managed to bring the Lorelei with them when they moved to their new home in Oklahoma. I wrote this at ten o'clock at night when I should have been finishing my lab report for chem. Personally, I much more pleased with how the story turned out than with the final results of the lab report.

Lament for thy Halidom

Pete Anderson

The last thoughts of a fish person...

Soul's Past

Cly Novak

Ok, here's what everyone's been waiting for! *drum roll* The reason why Soul kills her brother! This is the time that Nyck tries to kill her and everything. And the person who saves her from drowning is her father... but SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No one knows that! *glares around*

What a Lovely Day to Drown*

Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

Poem about drowning

Drowning Heart

Leanne Daniele

A poem I wrote when I was in a well, interesting mood. ^.^ Very depressing I suppose.

Kelpie's Victim

Meghan Nowosad

One day in english I weas bored. And my thoughts wandered to Kelpies. I'm rather fond of Kelpies (There are many awesome pictures of them in the woods, check out some guides if youo want to see a lot of them) Anyway, I wondered what someone's last thoughts would be if they saw a kelpie. May do a whole series like this, not quite sure yet. Led to another thought though... Who thinks in rhymes? Other then Fizzik? (Is that his name? Well we all love him anyway)

The Drowning of Henry Fellow

Rochelle Watts

The sea is a lady, and a jealous one at that. I'm sure there is some moral here about treating women good and greed being bad. And it didn't turn out too bad for a poem that is enslaved by ryhme. (I hate ryhmes; I really prefer to write poems without them)

Soul's Dream

Cly Novak

Soul has lived several years still feeling the guilt and saddness of killing her only brother. But Nyck seems to have found a way to communicate with her. It's the last time he ever speaks to her.

Grace of the Gods

Cly Novak

First thing: I DON'T THINK I'M JESUS! Now that that's out of the way, this poem is about my religion and how my faith wavered slightly. However, I'm back to my 'confused' ways. And if anyone makes any comments insulting my religion, I will erase them promptly as well as be so pissed off I might punch a random person in the face just for looking at me. I LOATHE when people insult my religion because I go out of my way to let people talk about their's. So please, no insults.

Gemal's Tale

Alycia J. Childs

This is really a backstory to a longer work. *wry grin* But it can stand on its own. At any rate...this is typical of what I do, and who I am. *G* Read on, fair wanderer...

Shadow Striker: Chapter 1-2

Divina Fuentes

Ladies, gentlemen, and Bunto, I present: My magnum opus. The story of Skye, the trigon that wasn't and the blade of light called the Shadow striker, and their journey to triumph over darkness. Inspired by me playing too much Kingdom Hearts and Ico. Read, enjoy, criticize. ***I dedicate this story to Selene and Angelica Jr. (my sisters), who will probably never come to this page because Selene is only interested in playing games when she uses the internet, and Jr. is only 7. But they were the first ones to hear the whole story.***

Mushroom Men (was rated according to how many eyes bled when it was read)

Norielle Cunanan

Just as the long title said, this is not a scary story! Nor does it really belong in the horror genre! Unless you have a weird phobia of the following: Mushrooms, men, Disco, afros, hippies, pink, green, berry pink, drowning, leaking, random beatings, tea, cookies, puddles, flowery gardens, all things that are pretty, odd names, gender-confused beings, ending confused and/or impaired writers, microsoft word documents, Aaand microsoft word documents that were put in HTML format by the power of the 'save as' function! If you have no fears of any of the above and just simply hate this story, then you: Hate pudding, hate Bowling for Soup, hate me, hate everyone, or are ACTUALLY NORMAL! Congratulations! Aaanyways, getting to the point, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MIAU MIAU MIAU! XD I hope you like this story or hate it with an extreme passion! ^_^

The Wish: Part one

Loremaster Tyreon

 This is a "careful what you wish for" tale about a boy who learns  a hard lesson after making a deal with a treacherous demon.I'm going to try and add another part every day-we'll see how long I can get it. :) Meanwhile, leave your C&C below. When all the parts are finished, I plan to replace them with a single file, edited with your comments, so keep them coming! 

Drowning In The Flames Of Hell

Inge van den Broek

A very, very old story I once began with, never wrote more though. And ideas/suggestions? (should I write more? I doubt..)