Daniela Doyne

Delirium continues, I guess. From a different point of view.


Cathryn Faerwald

Meet Adrian, meet Chilali. Wonder how badly I can twist their tragic little lives? Badly.

The Tax Zombie Cometh . . .

Amy Schley

A day in the life of Ted Clark, business and tax lawyer. Part of the law series, though this isn't based on any particular cases. Rather, this started as a way of exploring some of the stranger sides of tax law. Believe or not, everything in here is good law. Note: this is an altered version of the original story. Unfortunately, in updating all the old comments were lost. I'm sorry!

Music is the Greatest Drug

Lena LeRay

Reflection of a Lady Killer

Erin Smith

This isn't a story I like, because the material bugs me. I don't like drug additon, prositutes, and killing, and like stories about them even less...however, I think that if you if you can tell a type of story you don't like, then you can tell a story you do like.

Urban Foxes

Che Joseph Monro

Everybody has a soul, of course...


Carolyn McNamara

I wrote this one night when I was doped up on codine after a really bad car accident; I had become addicted to the drug, and had finally realized it.

Dark Salvation

Anna Mortensen

I’ve been working on various character “sketches” for the first novel of The Phoenix Cycle. This short piece focuses on the primary antagonist in the first part of the story. To connect it to my other piece, “Blue Skies”, Brandt’s father is the usurper king who killed Wilum’s family. I wrote this entirely in my biology class, twice a week over two weeks. That in mind, if it seems distracted or lacking in certain parts, I beg forgiveness.

Dark Justice: Chapters 4-6

Leigh Me

After saving the mousy Helen from her perverted captors,Justice resolves to help the 'newly sent away,' as they call those sentenced to that prison which her streets have become, acclimate to her new prison surroundings by taking her to Justice's mentor, Suarez. He had taken her in as a child as he did so many others. Surely he would know what to do with this one. But upon reaching the home she finds the walls freshly sprayed with her orphan siblings' blood. A complete massacre. And the young ones herded away save her dimwitted 9 year old brother, Keito who with his ability to contort into small spaces had hidden himself away while the massacre took place. Leaving them asking, 'Why?' and swearing revenge.

Cheese Runners, Chapters 1 & 2

Chris Jackson

In a future where Earth is a backward little third-world planet with nothing to offer, there is only one weapon to use against the technologically superior Farfnian oppressors... A nice... sharp... cheddar!

Eleventh Bottle (Poem/Song?)

David S. Percival

The name for this song was generate randomly, using a band name generator I found on some guitar site. I liked the name, and so started writing a song to it. 'Digital Orgasm', another random one, also intrigued me.... expect a song to come out. This song is actually more of a poem, I think. There's a rhythmic feel to this, I suppose... but I think it fares better as a poem. It serves as a good prequel to 'Siren's Song', I think. Lemme know what you think.

Ode to sugar

Robin Langridge

Sugar, the ultimate drug

Dark Justice: Chapters 1-3

Leigh Me

In the puritanistic society of late 21st century Earth there remains one bane, one blot upon human existence manifested as an accursed city where street gangs rule and all attempts at order are for nought. A world empire's attempt to remove this last bastion of evil by blotting out the sun, and encasing the city in an opaque capsule backfires as the evil thrives in its new found darkness and the gangs find new ways to torture, oppress and exploit those 'innocents' now unfortunate enough to find themselves captive in the architectural Hell. In this story I'm playing with a different writing style. I naturally write in long, complex sentences. I thought I'd try choppy writing. I envision a dark graphic novel more than a book.

Siren's Song (Song)

David S. Percival

This is another song I wrote (quite recently, in fact) for my band. It's about Drug Abuse, but not myself. We've yet to put any music to it, though I hear an acoustic and then electric guitar, a la Creed.

Water Mage

Heather Nicholson

This story is about two kids who are raised without knowing who they are. They are raised to work magic, fight, and generally take care of themselves. This story explains how they run away from the one who 'shelters' them and find their place in the world. I will tell you specifically, though, that one is more willing than the other to do so. Be nice, it's my first attempt at first-person!


Carrie Hirsch

This was written for a University sci-fi/fantasy literature class. It's rather dark and a little post-apocolyptic, because I like writing those sorts of things.

Death is Overrated- Murder Isn't

Heaven Benford

What do you do when you're the best private investigator of your time? Some even compare you to the great, fictional, Sherlock Holmes. What do you do when you have a city full of crimes that no one can solve... logically? What do you do when you're exposed to the world of the supernatural? Would you observe it at arms length... or embrace it.