Prologue: Dryad

Dana Caldwell

A little story I wrote when I was infatuated with this guy who had NO interest in me. It was kinda a launching pad for a much more complex story.

Dryad: Chapter 1

Dana Caldwell

Okay, not an original title... This is a continuation of Dryad, the Dryad story itself being the introduction. It will certainly be a work in progress. Stop by every so often to see if I've updated it

Ward of the Watchers

Debbie Palmer

This is a story of Joiya the Elven Druidess. It is based on an AD&D roleplaying adventure when I was still playing Joiya as a character.

Approaching the Keep and Welcome to Wolfsinger Keep

Debbie Palmer

A short narrative about a visitor arriving at Joiya's adult home.

The Books of Narevyn - Altan & The Nathaniels

Tim Everett

This is an excerpt from the novel I am working on. The novel is tentatively named 'The Books of Narevyn'. It's classified as 'epic fantasy' for some retarded reason. I disagree with that classification because I don't want to be pigeon-holed. Please read and review. Let me know what you think. I also have copies of this on my DeviantArt page and my Myspace page.

Exordium to the Past pt2

Phil Frederick

A continuation of Evensong's story

Exordium to the Past pt4

Phil Frederick

Continuation of Evensong's story

Star of Justice

Vanessa Ganahl

A rogue gypsy who forms a strange new look on her people.

Flights of Fancy

Catherine Ward

This is my favourite dream and I've had it so many times (although not much recently). Its a wonderful feeling and I wanted to share it with you.

Shadow Cell

Brianne Hughes

This is a story that has a really bad title. I just finished revising it so any LoP words used are defined. I actually made up the Language of Power(really corny name, I know) one boring day at school with my friends. This story is to all my dear mims and trooms waaay out there in Cenimo but mostly to one friend in particular. She is the co-founder of the LoP and she has a picture or two in my art gallery. Lov ya Becka Bex!

Interlaced Allure

Kate Inquisition

This might be a bit difficult to understand. Its about a forest maiden, with a dark forest lord persuing her, after their long chase, she stops at a swamp, and he wraps his arms around her wait and they both fall in. He emerges, and his forest minions form two lines for him to pass through, to his dark throne, and the maiden does as well, except, her white dress is now green, brown and torn, and she is sinister in nature. They kiss, and he narrarated about his inrelenting desire to diminish innocence.


Calvin Main

This is a story I wrote in 8th grade, roughly 6 years ago. It is about spellcasters and adventure.

Dusk Till Dawn, Chapter 4 and 5

John Gunningham

Meet a crazy old man and Saloche and Seil have a heart to heart talk. You know those small amounts of plot that string an action movie together? Yeah... this is the plot part :)


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05


Rhys Romero

This is a story i created because of my strong feelings towards the Druids. I wrote it several years ago and i'm bringing it on here to let you enjoy it.

When She Kissed Him

Sandra Wagner

A ballad (I have an actual wave file where I sang this) I wrote to commemorate an in-character moment from a game I played. My elven Patter, Joy, finally broke down after many long, ardurous adventures and, knowing that tomorrow they might die, broke down and kissed her dwarven companion (to the shock of all and the shouts of 'ABOUT TIME!' from our archer friend). If you SERIOUSLY want to hear it, email me and I'll send you the wave file. until then, enjoy! Incidentally, the line 'kin to the Roses who never fade' is reference to an order of women called the Sisters of the Rose that Joy is in the process of joining.

September Incorporated

Danielle Agar

This is actually a pastiche of MUD experiences. All three of the characters involved are defunct, so I don't mind sharing it as much as I would if they were still functional. This is very obviously incomplete, but I have no intention of ever finishing it. Still, I think it suits the Elfwood mood very well. The MUD in question is Dark and Shattered Lands. I go through characters there like popcorn, but I find the location very fertile for the imagination. If the story piques your interest, check out

The Beginnings: Part 3 Intro

Steve Melka

This is the first portion of the next part of the beginnings. I'm doing some heavy editing and that's why it's not complete for this first upload. (the original is quite old now and i'm a little more wise in my writing skills)

Dusk of Innocence: Chapter 3

Danielle Reynolds

Troubled times have beset the land of Crolis. Undead, monsters, demon, and barbaric raiders have upset the normally peaceful land. Three adventurers brought together by chance now search for the source of the trouble. Chapter 3: The group run into a figure from Emily's past and is Jonathan as great as he thinks he is? Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote in the text.

Held in the Arms of the Night Chapter 5

Sheryl Bright

Briahni must learn and master a new form of magic that opens her eyes to new possibilities.