Phases of Divinity: Prologue

C. Chard

This is most likely to be revised once I get a better concept of the story line, but here’s the rough draft for now. I know it's kind of confusing, the next chapter should sort out and explain some things...hopefully. Please PLEASE comment! I already said in my bio that I'm horrible at beginnings so I really need to know if this is good or not. Ok? Ok. The title is subject to change...and mostlikely will. Did I mention I'm bad with titles too? *sigh*...

A Witch's Fate Prologue & Chapter One

Crystel Redknap

Prologue: The History of Madgarou and the tale of Queen Mora of Neveah. Chapter One: Introducing Alassea Keszult, descended of the great Queen Mora.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Eight

Crystel Redknap

Alassea leaves Mondoria to return home.


Keith Clancy

This is the newly titled, and slightly edited version of my untitled story from a few months ago. There are new chapters on the way, and a few new surprises as well!

Feathers in the Twilight: Part Three

Keith Clancy

This part I actually wrote at the same time as one and two, but forgot to post it after some computer troubles. I tried to edit out some of my worst mistakes here, but I was astonished to find how much my writing can change in a years time.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Four

Crystel Redknap

Linea does a favour for Erwren.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Eleven

Crystel Redknap

Linea leaves Curust to continue her destiny.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Four

Crystel Redknap

Alassea travels with Cian through Neveah and into Mondoria.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Chapter 1

Connie Chen

This first chapter of the Elements. In which the Four Elements meet.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Prologue

Connie Chen

The Prologue of a story about 4 teenagers who must unite as the Elements to defeat a dark and ancient evil!

Merinov Saga: IV - The Lost Sister

Andrew Corner

The final story in the arc, and shamefully, the shortest. It depicts the final two characters in the line of Merinov, fully introducing the family historian, Nala, who becomes a member of the Psionicists, and her brother, Rhuld, who continues the Paladin family history. I fully intend to work and improve the quality of all four stories: Dark Day, Yellowed Letter, Longest Knight, and Lost Sister. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions to do so.

The Man's Best Friend

Janelle Whitehead

This is a small chapter in the life of 15-year-old Daniel, a wizard on his dad's side (unbeknowngst to his mother) and crush-ee of a 12-year old red-head.

Miss Hashby

Janelle Whitehead

Immogene Hashby is to find a suiter, Charlie is a lifelong friend that loves her too much to realize it, and even if he did figure it out, he'd have the competition of elves, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. Please help me finish this! ...Or just push me to finish it. Thanks!

The Serpent's Coil - Prologue

Mike Theodorsson

This is the lament of the black sorcerer, and also the prologue to my story 'The Serpent's Coil'.

The Return to Pachua

D Dalley

This is part one of two of a short back story to a series I am currently writing.

Piriah Chapter 9: Nalche Loses Control

Dana Caldwell

Well, we all knew it was going to happen if that girl didn't get some proper training. She heads out in a snit and gets herself in trouble. Good thing there's a mysterious mage there to help her out.

Fate of the World IV

Jonas Spangberg

This is just a piece of chapter 4. More to come and more is written befoer this chapter. A few finishing touches is left, but still give me input. Thanx

Archangel Saga: Archangel of Water

Alexander Hoffman

This is the second in my Archangel Saga. This tells the tale of Orius, Archangel of Water...

Mithandrale, 1st installment

Emily MacKenzie

This is the first chapter of a novel which I have been writing for a long time, and have got quite a lot further with than I usually do. i can really see this one going somewhere, but i'd love to know what you think of it and whether or not you'd like me to post some more up.

Evil Designs

Delyth Williams

A dark mage watches over his next victims in the dark tower of his keep, planning their untimely demise with his snivelling underhand.