At the End of Broken Dreams (i)

Désirée Dippenaar

The drunk is taller and broader than him - and he has a knife. He is asking for money which Gion refuses to give. Only one will survive their chance meeting in the streets of a gypsy village - but Gion's survival brings great consequences with it... My entry for Inkwell Artisans Project 2! On the language: The language I used for the gypsies in this story is actually Rumantsch, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Vowels of gypsy words and all names should be pronounced like in German. ('a' like the u in 'mud', 'e' like in 'egg', 'i' like ee, 'u' like oo) Gion is pronounced 'Jon'. The ptarmigan (chapter 2) is an alpine bird, also known as rock grouse. December 2007: some changes made, chapter 2 is now far longer and there's lots more background detail :D


Katrina Constantine

Have you ever had a friend in need, a friend that you had to help, but you didn't want to get involved? And even when you go to help them you know that they will grow older only to make the same mistakes their parents made? .Everybody has heard at some point in their life they will turn into their parents. To some people this is not a bad thing. To others the idea is terrifing.

Mercury - Chapter 2

Carly Silverton

Alanna has got Jonathon safe at home, and is trying to keep him that way. But, what happens when he falls asleep during the day and Alanna goes exploring? Find out what she will do when she finds his secret room, locked and the mess inside it. *Sad chapter...:( Oh well, I haven't worked on this story in awhile and this is an old chapter I never uploaded. Sorry faithful follwoers/watchers. But, now it's here

One Good Deed Never Comes Free

Alex Cupo

Well, since i usually write high fantasy/sci-fi stories, i decided to try something new: and this came out ;) Hope u like it... *** Some scenes might be disturbing ***

chapter 2

Eleanor Pettit

basically the first day of her journey, yeh. If its not very good there are two reasons 1. I'm not a good writer and 2.It isn't edited because my friend typed it for me because i'm too lazy. Enjoy!

Creature of Death

Heather Drake

I wrote this after reading a slew of vampire novels (or perhaps a kiss of vampire novels). I always find myself wondering if this strange creatures have a conscience or if that part of them dies with their humanity. Then I find myself wondering what Asher (from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series) looks like in the buff. I think I take myself too seriously.


Nicole Fraser

I started this quite a while ago, and so far I'm proud of it. It's still in the process of being written, so it is subject to change, etc. This is just the prologue. It'll make more sense later =)

little innocent glass vessel

Tamara Thiersmann

This poem was written much later than Misery, but the feelings they invoke in me are so closely related that I am compelled to dub this the sequel to Misery.I really enjoyed how the sillouhette of this poem, when centered, rather resembles a little glass jar.


Amy Kim

This is something I wrote for a small email rpg. My character Rainna was left behind in the game (cause I left). There's not really any fantasy stuff in this story, except for the fact it takes place in a DM created d&d world.

A Warriors Living Grave

Edmund Schulfer

When swords have rusted and sheilds have splintered, what of the discarded mind of a fallen warrior?

The Rich Goat and the Crazy Gypsy: Part One

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

What is it about goats that allows them to show up in strange stories? Must be the beard. I have no idea where this came from, as I was working on a report on tuberculosis the day I started, but I'm extremely fond of it. Any and ALL suggestions on improvement are GREATLY encouraged!

Waking Dreams: Chapters Two and Three

Holly Becker

Continuing the story of Driel and her waking dreams... Entrance of Vahie.


Kerri Williamson(DemonLlama)

Just something I wrote in English class.Contains absolutly nothing in the way of quality writing, and the spelling/grammar sucks. But,I think I want to work on it, so any comments would be most welcome (hint,hint).

Prologue & Chp. 1: In Which the Ladies Take a Break

Blythe Kinderknecht

Uhhh... Not much to say... Just the creation of bored minds at work. This if the prologue and chp.1 of book two of, 'The Chronicles of the Fellowship of the Weird'. Cherie Campbell is writing book one. None of the three books we have started are done, but this one is the farthest. Lol. Well, I hope you enijoy it

Maeve Gets Drunk (A Short Story About Inebriation)

Meagan Sears

This is what happens when you're bored and you and your friends want to know what it would be like if your characters were drunk. This is the end result...

Enslavement: Prologue

Abigail Oakley

This was inspired by something from Elfwood I can't remember what at the moment.. Um it's not what you'd expect? Hopefully part of a larger story? If I ever get around to finishing it? Winter, 2001


Richard 'WolvenBlood' O'Keeffe

Just something I wrote to say that if you drive drunk, it's not just your life you risk.

Dwarven Banquet

Matthew Deagle

This is just a short, silly poem about a group of drunken dwarves.

Succubus 1

Matt Dearden

A drunk looking for 'A good time' is given quite the oposite by a hungry Succubus.

The Drunken Wanderer (poem)

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this poem with one of my good friends, who happened to sign my guestbook as Laurie-girl. It's really a very odd poem, but quite interesting, if I do say so myself. And I know it is somewhat random, and there are some rhymthm problems, but hey... (A 2004 piece)