Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Squee - this is coming up quicker than I thought. Okay, here as the title suggests is some new characters. There's more than meets the eye with these guys, but you'll have to wait and see...

Chapter 04 - Acceber

Melissa O´Dowd

Okay, this is the shortest chapter so far. There is heaps of room for me to expand on, but right now... I'm too tired.

Chapter 02 - The Tunnel, Part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Well here's chapter 2 (its in 2 parts cos its too long otherwise, trying to encourage people to read all of it). There's a couple of sub-stories that I'm having issues with (namely Jalithe's whole story) so if it seems a little disjointed in parts, this will be why. Any suggestions are as always, greatly apprieceted.

Dryad, Part 3

Sarah Wood

Here the story stops meandering at last and begins to earnestly stroll. Also, we meet two new characters, and the title of the story finally begins to make sense! Huzzah! The illustration at the bottom is my own work.

Dryad, Part 2

Sarah Wood

Well, I thought about wrapping it up with Beth's mysterious death at the end of the first section, but realized that wouldn't be a story. So! The adventure continues. Bethany and Jericho argue, as siblings do, and there is travelling to be done.


Vicky Barrett

Poetry at its worst. This is my first, and last poem. I only wrote it because the first two lines were bugging me, the rest is pure rambling words. Enjoy.

Not Another Fantasy!!!

Kat Hammer

This is a story I recently started, I'm hoping it will be sort of comedical, dramatic, and action packed all in one. Enjoy!!! I can't give away too much otherwise it might give away what I'm trying to do. =]

The Black Rider: Part III

Dave Baverstock

The third part to TBR, if you havn't already, read the first two parts for the story to make sense. Enjoy!

Visions of the East, Pt. 1

Mathew Harlass

The first of three parts that details the history, places, and races of the East, the land that is the origin of DeJarning. This part highlights the history of the East .

Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 2

Melissa O´Dowd

Okay, this is the problem solving part of this Tunneling project. That's all I'm gonna tell ya ;p you have to read it to find out...

Chapter 1- Into the Forest

Jessica Krenesky

I haven't thought up a good name for this story yet. So you'll just have to wait. This is my first story that I've actually finished a chapter of.

The Black Rider: Part II

Dave Baverstock

This contains the second part of The Black Rider, working on the final part. PLEASE READ PART I FIRST. comments and opinions appreciated - thanks.


Christie Lovat

This is the beginning of a story I started writing when I discovered that almost every origional idea had already been thought up by someone else. So this is my attempt at writing something completely origional. (Hey, I'm a very optomistic person) Anyway I hope you people reading this like it and don't hold it's weird storyline against it ;)

A Sorean Journey (Chapter 2)

Victoria Holtom

This is the 2nd Chapter to an ongoing story I am working on. High fantasy, based in a world I have created it covers the journeys of at least 10 chosen people as they discover their importance and search for each other to group together.

Autumn Forest

Yvonne Vetjens

the magic of the forest (poem)

she and she

michael john

a night visitation , when in a fever , a  portal to an elfland ,i was guided by dryad spirit maidens on a long trek . .~ illustration for this poem , drawn and painted by elfwood artist Carina Nerland is in my  'other works'

Visions of the East, pt. 3

Mathew Harlass

The last of three parts that details the history, places, and races of the East, the land that is the origin of DeJarning. This part highlights the races of the East.

Dryad, Part 1

Sarah Wood

When I first lived in the Sonora desert, I was amazed by the genuine WEIRDNESS of the wildlife and weather. Coming from muggy, verdant Virginia, it was like another planet. I find that most deserts in fantasy literature tend to be of the Saharan type -- wind-swept dunes, barren sands, the occasional oasis -- whereas the desert I came to know in Arizona is energetically BURSTING with life. Very hostile life, but life nonetheless. In short, it deserves a story. Also, I am fascinated with the eighteenth century and alternate history. You're looking at an Arizona of roughtly 1850, here. Only it's not Arizona as we know it now -- It's Sonora, a province of New Spain.

Standing Still

Emily Teng

The forest stands. It will always stand. From the beginning of time to the end, the fey-creatures of the wild will always be around. They have stood so long they have forgotten how to be free...

The Treeweavers : Prologue

Richelle Morris

This is the prologue of the story of The Treeweavers. It tells how they came to be how they are.