Zeno Brave: Brothers Bravado

Micah English

This is the third story (chronologically) featuring Zenithos, and his brother Xanatos. The ultimate falling out of the brothers is told here, and a little bit of how they acted when they were still together.

Beat by a Girl

Emma Moel

Rave is fighting like he's never fought before. And he doesn't even know his opponent. Who is this skilled stranger? What starts as a way to show off his fighting talent, may end as a day that Rave will always remember.


Eric Liao

Just wrote this poem while bored one day. Seemed like it'd be a cool idea.

The secret downfall

Georgina Gilbert


The Fated Rise of a Hero

Christopher Grant

A cocky ex-knight with a loose grip on reality finds himself in conflict with a murderous warrior as he flees for his life.

One's Luck - A Short Story

Brian Cook

Well, this is my first selection on Elfwood... I just wrote it recently as well. Gives a bit of a hint of my writing style, but it's mostly just to be enjoyed. This is just a short story by the way, but perhaps I sense a reaccuring character...

Chosen 8

Andrew Casey

Citro and Mornic find a way to make a living while the plot thickens in this new land...

Love of War

Allen Gould

The mix of the love of love and the love of war. ((Note: Written in 2003))

Black Midnight

Sarah Wacko' Kerns

Just something I came up with...this is my first-ever attempt at a vampiric-type story. It's pretty rough, but hey, it's here, right? ^_^ Let me know what you think!

The Duel: Chapter Five

Ian King

Lucius must face Grael the Slayer in a duel to the death

Live by the sword - die by the sword

richard laws

Live by the sword, die by the sword - an adage still applicable today. This story picks up at the end of a chain on events, as the hero prepares to commit ritual suiside helped by his father-in-law and overseen by the ghost of his dead wife.

Pirates - 1

Ben Brannan

Just like everyone else, I had to write a pirate story (inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean of course.) There will be fantasy elements coming in later (mythical creatures, magical items, magic in general, etc.) 2,012 words, 4 pages.

Flight of the Eagle - Chapter Two 'True Sight'

Sarah Liu

Like I mentioned in bio, this has been my big project lately. I only work on this when I'm inspired or have a sudden epiphany, which isn't too often =D. So, as you can imagine, this will probably take a long time to finish. Also, I read this over all the time, and I usually change a bunch of things in all the chapters, so it is by no means finished. If you have ANY suggestions at all, even a simple 'this sucks' (if you have a reason for it,) please, please, please tell me. Chapter Two brings Firian back home, shows Aralyn's dislike of magic, and her talent with it, the prophecy, and Zam's and Aralyn's dislike of each other.


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05

Crystal of the Elements: Chpt. 1- A New Beginning

Katherine Logan

Chapter One. Kireina and her family have just moved to Yoseira forest when they are greeted by a mysterious stranger. Who is this girl and why does she get so nervous when Kireina mentions her mother?

Tribunal Part IV: Old Friends

Jake Diebolt

Thanks to Chara, Archol Thar now knows the source of the Watch's anti-magic metal. But to neutralize it, he'll need some help from some old allies.

Chapter 3 of Chronicles

Charity Harrell

Here's chapter 3 of the chronicles story. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 will hopefully come out later in December.


Mitch Wold

That's the problem with being the best - there's always someone gunning for you, aiming to make a name for himself...

Draconian Justice

Ryan Gonzalez

Lillith is a skilled magical thief extraordinaire, tasked with stealing secrets from the noble houses. That is, until the fall equinox when during a routine job she has an encounter that will leave her dueling for her life and eventually questioning her own humanity.

A mysterious Road

Corrina Stonewall

Like all my stories, I hate this title! The html formatting kinda sucks, cause I don't really think that 'nethermind' website helps! That or I'm very slow...lol