Wanderers 2

David Baker

my d&d stroy. not much else to tell...

Goblin Wars

Sarah De Sanctis

A very D&D-ish type story about two women from different walks of life who come upon a town plagued by...goblins. I was just kind of goofing off when I started writing this....


Dennis Boyd

This is just a little story I started writing when I felt 'inspired' I guess. I get lazy towards the end and started rushing to finish the story. If you like D&D you might appreciate this, it's written with 2E rules in mind.

Adventurers Part 3

Aaron Frangos

 This is the third installment in a multi-part series taken from a book I am currently writing with the working title of 'Adventurers'.  In this installment, we get to know Samuel a little better.  He is an ambitious, talented wizard's apprentice with an unhealthy obsession for forbidden knowledge.  Unfortunately for him, his ego matches his natural talent at magic, but not his wisdom.

Adventurers Part 2

Aaron Frangos

 This is part two of a multi-part series in a book I'm currently writing with the working title of 'Adventurers'.  In this installment, our hero and aspiring farmer, Luke will receive a rather disappointing gift from his well-meaning father.

Heir - Chapter Five: Missing Memories

Teagen May

Anni is forced to return to the dungeons by Prince Reid; but on different terms. **TERRA'S SECRET STASH REVEALED!!!**

Heir - Chapter Six: Intensity

Teagen May

Ewan refuses to teach Anni battlecraft, so she turns to Lyrik for help with her magic, instead.

The Game

Andrew Jackson

This is the break-through story after about three months of writers block, this is what is coming out of it. I hope ya enjoy it, and if it goes well, i'll start writing more of it. Please Note: Dungeons & Dragons and D&D is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast and TSR (i think..lol)

Wanderers 1

David Baker

my d&d story. not much else to tell...

Dungeons and Drag-ons

Jason Romein

Over quite some time, I have accumulated some funny ideas about role-playing, and many of them are demonstrated in this one. Just picture Dungeons and Dragons without a DM... =] (well, sorta without a DM) Actually, Foo Sek Han wrote part 2 of this, so if you want to read it, click here.

Chapter 1

Rachel Karp

This is the first chapter of a story I wrote with a few friends. I wrote it in a sort of D&D style, which I personally don't like, but if you do, tell me and I'll post more of the story.

Other Tales of the Doomsayer

Shea Reinke

The intro to what is intended to be much longer.

Heir of the Lairyenns, ch 5-6


Yay! Chapter 6 is my favourite so far. Finaly something remotely exciting happened... I'm a bit concerned about Aylena running away at the end, though. It's not really like her. Well, you have to admit that what happened is creepy. And she'll be back, of course!

Torn Souls: beginning

Randall Ewing

A monk, a psionicist, and an elfling. Add them together, and you get this fantasy adventure. Based in the northermn Area of Icerend

The Dragon Pyre

Doug Clitheroe

SO I know Pyre isn't the msot original name, but until I find another two sylable name that fits it stays, cause, come on, who can break up those iambs(even if they do get iffy at times). Have fun!

Adventurers Part 8

Aaron Frangos

This is part eight of a multi-part series of a book I'm currently writing with the working title of 'Adventurers'.  In this installment, Luke and Sheyla arrive back in the village to find horrible devastation, they must cope with their losses and then regroup with their friends... Those that are alive, anyway.


Sloan Girl' Moore

This is a small story about my D&D character Celest. I needed to start to create her past so this apart of it before she joins her dysfunctional party!

Dogs Trained to Kill

Benjamin Hayward

Litterally this story did not take me a year to write, but from the time I first sat down to write it to when I finished the short story over a year had passed. Once I finally finished the story I submitted it as a D&D story to Dragon Magazine for publication. Mind you I didn't expect it to be excepted and it wasn't, but as a quote that I keep hearing goes 'You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Thats referring to basketball and perticipation, but it fits in nicely in this situation. Anyways, have fun reading my first major short story I ever wrote. And now I'll get on with writing the second one. Hopefully it will be excepted to Dragon Magazine, but you might hope the oppisite because if its gets rejected it goes up here and you would get to read it for free :P

No True Death

Melissa Hamari

This story is a small exerpt of a long term more novel-like creation I am writing.

Adventurers Part 9

Aaron Frangos

 This is part nine of a multi-part series of a book I'm writing with the working title of 'Adventurers'.  In this installment, Samuel the apprentice wizard casts some vile magic and we learn why everyone is dead.