Christopher Manica

Ware thee the twilight...

The Sun Sprite and the Moonbeam Fairy

Anniina Jokinen

Street of Souls

Sarah Cosco

A description of a magical fantasy land in a modern-day setting.

The last dusk

Roland Gromes

In a not-so-far future the remnants of humanity struggle for their lifes.

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 1

Dabao Jia

This is the first chapter of my new story thing. It continues from the prologue. I'm still taking in any suggestions for names and any comments about the story would be nice too!

The Peoples of the Day (poem)

Ellen Jurik

Errr... this poem is just kindof going on about how animals are people and people are animals etc etc... I dunno. Hard to explain. My friend once said it had a 'fantasy feel' to it, but it isn't exactly high fantasy, but... well... whatever. Tell me what you think.

Night Watch Chapter 3

Kyle Arthur

Here is the third chapter of Night Watch. Let me know if you think I over did the psychic thing. I'm looking for input for chapter 4 and onward.

Night Watch Chapter 2

Kyle Arthur

Here is the second chapter for Night Watch. The story progresses and interesting plot points are revealed.

Night Watch Prologue

Kyle Arthur

Here is an entirely new story in what I think of so far as a new universe for me to expand, though think about how much time I spent on my existing set I may just keep this in that series. Well, I'd love to explain where this story is going, or what it is about, but I really have no idea myself yet. I need some time to think about it.

The Rookery

Risiart Lloyd

Was feeling moody, so wrote. Have to say, I like it.

Whisper to the Dusk - Beginning

zero knight

The story of Kiyoshi

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 4

Dabao Jia

Personally, I think I like chapter 4 more than the other ones so far. I don't know how I made it this long though. O well! Enjoy!

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 2

Dabao Jia

Hurray! I'm done chapter two of my story! I still need a name for it. In this chapter things start to unfold...LOL

Night Watch Chapter one

Kyle Arthur

Here is chapter one of the story Night Watch. I've made a few detail changes to the prologue as well. This story is in the works and I'm in the process of setting up the back ground. please excuse any factual errors, they will be fixed eventually. If you find something please feel free to leave a comment about it or email me.

Virtue's Disgrace


Just a poem I wrote after listening to too much Cradle of Filth. It was modeled after 'Dusk and Her Embrace,' but it's nothing really like it.

Dusk Dancer - Chapter 1 - Frozen Judgment

Jessie Hoesing

It doesn't have an official title yet - can't decide but this is a story idea I've had since back in 2000-2002 I just never did anything with it. Until now! It's been a long time since I have written anything so forgive the beginning, I wrote a long time ago and if it seems repeatative, I do apologize. Enter the world of Silvanus, kingdom of the birdfolk. This story follows the journey of Nina Whisper, a rare bird maiden with an unfortunate turn of events turn her life upside down. She has been exiled from her homeland for a crime she didn't commit and is running for her life from some of the Kingdom's mightiest warriors, the Hawk Warriors.

The Gerbil, Moon and Sun

Stephen Hawkins

At the beginning of the world, creatures would talk among themselves.

Dusk Of Innocence: Chapter 10

Danielle Reynolds

Troubled times have beset the land of Crolis. Undead, monsters, demon, and barbaric raiders have upset the normally peaceful land. Three adventurers brought together by chance now search for the source of the trouble. The heroes arrive at Argenault, only to find more tragedy. Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote in the text.

Dawn, day, dusk, night

Frances Gibbs

I suppose She is the Goddess, the Mother of all existance that many believe in. For my part, I could imagine her to have certain wolf-like qualities, but that is no surprise, coming from me... ; )

Konfus Vogel: Prologue

Timothy Walsh

This is the first chapter of a parable about a vagrant angel. Its meant to be somewhat sarcastic and critical (though that really doesn't show up in this section). Its meant to start with a serious tone and then shift to something a little more unique. This is a revised draft, but its still going through revisions as I see them necessary. Your comments are very much appreciated.