The Message of the Survivor

Rochelle Watts

A poor wounded goblin. There is bit of the idea of a Greek messenger and a bit of the idea of natives being pushed off their lands in this poem. I tried to match the meter with the staggering pace of the goblin. It still needs a little tinkering but I'm happy with it for now.

TMC - Part 1 - Chp 1

R.E. Kankaanpää

The long-awaited start of my *THE* story... Troll&Mermaid&Centaur. Yeah, yeah, the name needs work. But here is the beginning and it's not quite as good as I hoped! ^^ I'm confident something can be don about it, though, so no worries. (mate)

The Lady of the Lake

Jad Seifeddin

A tale of a lady and her undead brother


Theola Faline

I was sad. So I wrote...**shrug**

Ashes and Dust

Danielle Sanderson

A short story! Shocker! I usually can't write short stories because I have a million other ideas and I want to write more. That was originally the plan for Ashes and Dust. I still have tons of ideas, like writing about Dust's past, but I really like the way it is now. I don't want to add anything else. I love it to bits! This actually came to me when I thought about the biblical thing 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, evil to darkness. Amen.' It was in one of the Diabolo mangas. :P It got me to thinking, and this is what came out of it. I also wanted to write something that DOESN'T end well, for once! I made my mom cry! I hope you like it! I'm putting a language and violence warning. It's still relatively tame by today's standards, but if you're sensitive to death and such, don't read. You have been warned.

He Wore a Mask

Emily Grist

This is the 'G-rated' version of this story, edited and revised to be appropriate. If you want the actual original, feel free to e-mail me. The story takes place in a sort of medieval setting, where people celebrating the making of Mystery and Creation. This is what the party is about. The story isn't half as good in this form, I'll admit, but it's something.

Attack of the Killer Dust Bunnies!

Jess Hickman

Well, I dunno how to explain it...umm... okay, the paint brush idea came kinda from my little sister looking for one, and my fiancee Mike showing me a bunch of swords. The killer dust bunny...from a conversation with my older sister. I got really bored, and this story kinda wrote itself when I picked up a pen. Gildar and Nargi are brownies, ya know, like from 'Willow.' Um...yeah...enjoy.

From the Dust- Chapter 1

Robin Schindler

4/05/06 Updated! I have effectively re-written a good portion of this, and the next chapter is officially in the works--yay for progress! Vast improvement, is all I can say-- She's a kind of vampiric character whose story and personality I've played around with for a long time.

Levex Malsvir: Deathless Lands

Robert Ames

This is the second portion of the Biography of Levex Malsvir


S. O'Reilly

Idea came to me at 2 AM when trying to fall asleep. And from there, it went pseudo-poetic, then dark. I suppose it was influenced by my recent experiences. I've had a bit of hardship... and I can rather relate to Jeanne. It's just a simple short story, and I intend to attempt to get it published in my school's literary magazine.

Cosmic Dust (Poem)

Matthew Walker

I don't remember what I was thinking about when I wrote this poem, but I love the imagery. For some reason it still feels unfinished, however.


Annie Jessan

This was written for a topic for an egroup. It was written in about 15 minutes, so there isn't much of a plot or story. It is more in the nature of a single episode...

The Swallow Nest 3

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The retelling of the Arkethame wars. Chapter 3: Last rites

Residue (poem of sorts)

E. Hanna

For the original text which inspired this work, see And old William thought he'd squeezed the last drop of pathos out of that little paragraph: well I was arrogant enough to try for more. Plus a little ironic humour, what I think was Hamlet's greatest atribute.

Dust Bunny Care Guide

Jess Hickman

The basics you need to know to keep your dust bunny pet happy and healthy. (may be taken down soon, not sure!)

Fairy Joy

Mona Germain

It was a sunny day.  What can I say?  The fairies talk to me!

An Assortment of Imaginary History Books - Part 2

Benjamin Rawlins

 Part 2 of my little miniseries of 'Imaginary History Books'.Perhaps I should change the name to 'Imaginary Historical Texts', because this one is not actually a book, but a report.It is a letter from Torax's tutor to the head of magic at the time: Magus Magnificus (apologies for my brutal assault on a cetain language, i have always been bad at making up names).I tried to include a few hints about what may be going on at the time, and what may be coming. Just a few, mind.Oh,yes, I meant to apologize for the rather serious tone too.

Dust on the Wind

Anita King

Whoo! Poem. A line popped into my head, and I just started writing whatever sounded good. It ended up sounding sufficiently fantasyish that I thought I could sneak it in. ;P

Lione- Chapter One

S. Gyory

Right... I wrote this on winter break. It took me rather long to get around to typing it.. I have the whole plot laid out in my head.. Scary... ^.^

Special Dust

Kayla Summer

Imena represents my friend Emily. I represent Amara. The Raptor is Emily's evil pit bull Bubba, and the entire story was based off of notes, which had come from the boredomness of school. Enjoy the memories Emily and I shared at the beginning of Eighth Grade. (this was writen by both Emily and me so give her credit too!)