Cloak and Dagger (part 1)

Chris Frazer

A group is out on the march. They find the famed wizard and seek refuge. Yet what they don't know is they are being follow, close.

Tetiana: Part 12

Elizabeth Wilcox

Tetiana and Shard encounter some more difficulties underground . . .

The Storeroom

Ricky J. Blech

This continues the first chapter. This chapter tells what Regin and Alfrigg go to do.

Lost in a Bottle

Colton Hamshire

A man searches for his drunken brother in an unfamiliar town.

The Troubles of True Love Part 1

Laura Lover' Narducci

This is not a gushy romance. it has alot of fights and some humour that i get but you might not...anyway. its about forbidden love.

Dwarven Banquet

Matthew Deagle

This is just a short, silly poem about a group of drunken dwarves.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Five

Gene Erno

A Night on the Town The Festival of Glory has begun. The Wellington siblings enjoy the evening amidst the splendor of Westgate and all it has to offer.

The War of Evelon-Chapter Fourteen

Gene Erno

Irresitible Offer Annna receives an offer she cannot refuse.

The Cup of Vengeance

Cullen Groves

How does one assassinate the Prince-Elector without being caught? How does one outmaneuver the court necromancer's auguries? Once upon a time four years ago I was assigned to write a vengeance story where I had to avenge some slight to my honor, letting the trespasser know who was avenging, but not allowing anyone else to realize... Here it is, significantly revised (there was no magic in the original...).

Sublime Slavery

Adrienne Romani

Nicoll says, 'a Wafer of Sublime Intimation?'Azaghal says, 'It's a cracker. If you had eaten it, you would have been my slave for eternity.'Nicoll says, 'What type of slavery are we talkin'?'Azaghal says, 'The sublime kind.'Nicoll says, 'An Elfie being the Sublime Slave of a Dorf. There's a story in that, I'm sure of it...'And indeed there was...


Ricky J. Blech

This chapter starts off in the dwarf city of Nidavellir.

Wëlterngard The Races

Ethan Harris

 This is a continuation of my earlier creation myth...

The Troubles of True Love Part2

Laura Lover' Narducci

This is a continuation and by the way if any non-english words come up it is just a spell and all spell usage in this story are just untranslatable spells. thanks.

Thorgan hall

Tor Skaarberg Munn

Not a story, but a small Description of my dwarfen histroy.

Portal to Hell

Adam Weber

A story that kina popped into my head-just a straight foward dwarf merc is hired by a scary old dude to get an old artifact and uncovers a dark facet of him kinda thing. Its not finished yet-i'll complete it soon though.


Lira Edwards

The past fantasy world has changed. Greatly. Aya's mother had been sick. Now, her mother has changed and Aya has to leave her sheltered home in Salem, Massechusets. Now, fate has changed her whole life.