Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.

Heart Song - Chapter 2 - Introductions

Jamie Fuller

Can a warrior and a princess come together to save their dying world?

The Angels

Kris Hogenbirk-Toohy

My french isn't perfect, if you spot an error, please let me know.


Elizabeth O'Connor

A story about love, about religion, about a goddess that shouldn't be, or doesn't want to be...she hasn't decided yet.

Loveless Story 2 of 2

Jessica Cannon

The sequel to Loveless Story 1 of 2, where Elizabeth fled the world of the elves after being taken there to help save their lives. Back in our world, she struggles on her own until the elven Darand returns to take her back to his home. This was difficult for me to write, I eventually had to be depressed to be in the right time frame. Alas, it only takes a trigger and my -cat- died.

Weeping Cosmos

Amy Martin

A darker poem about the disrespect for life some people have... How what we do hurts all, even though we can ignore the pain.

Night of the Silver Kiss

Jenessa David

This is a simple tale of how one is changed into one of the incredible nightstalkers known as vampires. After 'Eternity' was submitted to and published, I was asked to submit another poem for another book of theirs, and this is what I sent them. Hopefully they will like this too. Just a quick note on the title because I have been asked about it in the past...for those of you who don't know, when a vampire bites someone, it is called either the Embrace or the Silver Kiss. I chose 'Night of the Silver Kiss' because I thought it would sound nice and mysterious. ^_^

Poem: Last Dragon

Jenny Watson

This came to me at different times. So it seems a bit choppy. Anyways my poor poor dragon Tony... *sniff*

In the Grasp of Death

Jason Romein

The tragic tale of Tai' Finn's past. I had a character who had no real background, and to add some depth to him, I built this story around his early life. Comment if you would like to see more Tai' Finn stories. Enjoy!

The Birth of Stormcrow

Sandra Wagner

This is a breif character interlude, a vignette if you will. I've been having trouble with Brother Sun and needed a break and Clio began batting this around my head. This is the short story about a pair of characters of a friend of mine, loosely based on what he told me; about two boys, one adopted and the other born to be garou, and the vampire that separated two brothers forever. It's the background/formation of both characters he plays, both in a werewolf game, and (on opposite weekends) in the vampire game (a character which has his own vignette, but not one I'm about to post here. This is a darkly moving peice which I am very proud of. I had his permission to write it and to share it. The base plot is his, the story is mine

Of Death and Heroes CH III

Michael Alias' Homer

Just thought it was something to think about.

Of Death and Heroes Ch's IV & V

Michael Alias' Homer

Is it better to have died a hero than to have lived forgotten? Just thought it was something to think about.

This Place

Nicolei Arnold

Innocence is not justice, and the price of assumption can sometimes cost more than you know.

The Voice

Jessica Burton

This story was inspired by 'Stay With Me' by Shakespeare's Sister. They're 80's, its ok if you havent heard them. I think you should though they're great. Anyway, used my character Loreia for this story and her husband Farilan. Their love knows no bounds...

Death of an Elf

Taryn Fairy' Retief

It's about the panifullness of a dying elf and the black holes it leads to.

Heaven's Gate

Susan Remondi

yet another poem i didn't finish, so isn't really good. but it's here. so. lol

Cast Me Gently

Lindsay Verde

This is an old one but still a good one in my opinion so it's survived another cleaning purge :)Posted April 2007.This idea was inspired/written to the music of Sarah McLachlan, and the drawing Reflections by Karl ‘Angel’ Lines. My links aren't working in the story intros, so look for the link on my main page. All italicized parts are from the song ‘Answer’ by Sarah McLachlan (with the exception of the first two, which are from her song ‘Shelter.’ All copyright to those lyrics goes to Sarah McLachlan. I strongly suggest that you listen to ‘Answer’ while reading this, as it will give the piece a greater depth and add more feeling to it, as it was meant to be read. If any part of it is unclear, please let me know. This is my first time trying this and it was written in an hour, so I hope it comes out ok. Oh, and the italics, incase you don't catch this as you go, are meant to be the thoughts of the angel. This is for Stephanie Rennolds for her comment prize from waaay back when. Sorry it has taken me this long to get one up for you dear!Project Status: Complete

Green Land 02: Flight from Disaster

Richard Lorenz

After having fled his father, our main character finds that he has just narrowly missed death. Intending to live off the land, he finds that the land is dying all around him, with no appearant place of refuge.

The Goddess' song

Rosalind Souter

This is a lil' piece of prose I wrote whilst listening to a song(Jenkins 'Adiemus) , it's part of 'The goddess' blessings' and might go up at the second part of the story.