Infinite Generosity

Simi *Muffin Queen*

Piece by piece, the world is replaced with machinery... Written because I was in class, and there were birds outside. Something seemed out of place to me.

Awoken to a Dream

Colin Magerle

 A short story set in a dystopian setting. Criticism and review is appreciated. Find the flaws, if it's useful to point it out.

Cyberwarfare Part Four: Interogation


Part of my Evolution Wars universe, see my other contributions for the other parts! Enjoy!

Dystopia Chapter I: Madhouse

Kiril Mokrov

The first part of my story Dystopia. It is entwined with another story, Utopia, which is still in production.

Last Stop

Désirée Dippenaar

I started writing this a few years ago based on an interesting dream I had - I only got to finish it a week or so ago, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out! I had a lot of fun with world-building and characters, so I hope they all turned out all right - do tell me otherwise if there's anything you think should / could be improved! ^^I also really enjoyed putting in all the hymn quotes (because I do LOVE old hymns). They're all, to my knowledge, not copyright; credit of course goes to their authors. If you want to know what they sound like, check out the links! ^^ In order of appearance:Jesus Only (Hattie M. Conrey) Arms of Jesus (Fanny Crosby) Mighty Fortress is our God (Martin Luther) to Thee (Sarah F. Adams) is Well (Horatio G. Spafford) I realise I haven't updated for AGES, reason is that I haven't been writing so much fantasy / sci-fi anymore, partly because now with uni and all I find time mainly for poetry rather than short stories / novels which take more work and focus... If you're interested in my non-fantasy (religious) poetry (currently I'm working on a series of poems about the women of the Bible - fun!!), check it out here: :)

The Community, pt 1: 2008-2035

KP Jess

The history of the world leading up to the setting of my novel. This would be the Prologue, or even used as a summary for a prequel. I hope everybody reads this first.

The Community, pt 2: 2035-2045

KP Jess

'35 to '45. The End Of The World. The second part of the prologue to my novel, The Community.

Cyberwarfare Part One: Living Inside the Shell


One type of story I love is a good science fiction one! You guys are in for a real treat with this one! It's set on the planet Braxxus, a technocratic and terrifromed world ruined by pollution, but inhabited by a race of capitalistic cyborgs!

Dystopia Chapter II: The City At Night

Kiril Mokrov

The second chapter of my story Dystopia. I like this one better than the first part.

As On A Darkling Plain

Jon Dixon

This was the first 'real' story I ever wrote, or at least completed. It came second in a local short story writing contest in the 1980s. The sort of SF I was reading at the time influenced the writing style, which I intended to convey the various viewpoints stylistically as well as through the changing narrative voices. In hindsight, the story is incredibly naive in its arguments, and some of the attitudes expressed and character relationships are, to put it generously, unsophisticated. But I have some affection for it - it was the first and it was hard work! I would be very remiss if I didn't point out that the theme of the story was influenced by the 'future' segments of the 'Days of Future Past' plotline from Marvel's 'X-Men' comics #141 & #142, written by Chris Claremont & John Byrne.

Illusory existence

Andrew Watson

An old lady goes about her business in an all-to-perfect house and garden before revealing the reality of her existence.

Bleeders: Chapter 1

Dyllan Coop

The first chapter in a book that needs a lot of work.  Essentially, the idea is that immortality isn't such a great choice when it opens the gates to eternal pain.  Needs a lot of work, so please comment with any kind of critic, and even plot idea's (I'm kind of stuck):

Prologue : The Pit of Ire

Muzafar Khokhar

Prologue : The Pit of IreLeo, an ex-soldier trained in black ops and advanced magic of Theraldrian Magnus, and his wife Amayeta are imprisoned by the corrupt gang-leader Gunnar in the infamous fortress Ire, which is guarded on all sides by gigantic creatures known as guardians that are twenty feet tall, red skinned humanoids with razor-sharp teeth, battering horns upon their heads and huge stings (like those of scorpions), there are lesser creatures present too, such as the Therium. A mysterious magical artefact, The Great Ivory Tusk, has been stolen from the safe house of a renown wizard and moth-mingler. Legend speaks that a great city was once carved into it by Chinese craftsmen, and given life by great magician. Leo and his wife must escape...The tusk must be saved, for with it the enemy can do great, and terrible things.


Antonio Aiello

A "utopia" is defined as a perfect society, contrasted with its polar opposite, a "dystopia".  Which of the two does Rane belong to?  And what happens when the barrier blurs?

Bothersome Six-Oh-Six, Part One

Charlie Lynch

This is the story of Bothersome Six-Oh-Six, a member of the Bothersome Rookery. To explain any more about Bothersome Six-Oh-Six and the organization he belongs to could ruin the story, so, in the interests of you, the reader, I will not say any more.


Anthony St.Pierre

Short story set in the universe of the Machinists. Gives a bit of history, and introduces a character. I'll be reworking this later on, after I've developed it a bit more and gotten some feedback about my writing style.


Julia Lichty

A semi-stream of consciousness piece, an exploration of my dystopia, my land of denial.

Two Hundred Eighty Six

Gwynn James

In a apocalyptic world, where the smog is so thick it is better for one's survival that they do not even breathe, a young child lives and writes a journal that we have finally found, now that we are able to read and write again.

Cyberwarfare Part Two: Civil Duty


Part Two of the Cyberwarfare Story Arc. Enjoy! :D

Cyberwarfare Part Three: Discoveries


Part Three of a thus far eight part story arc of my Evolution Wars universe! Enjoy! :D