Crystal Dreams 8

Zack T. Fester (AKA Strider)

Battle atop a mountain.

Cepheus the Manslayer

Piki Serpa Centeno

This morning i was cleaning my old desk, and found this story on a scrap of paper, the original one was longer and had a lot of boring junk i edited, so the story would be interesting. It tells the story of two hunters, Hippias and Euphadimus, who went out to the eagle peaks in search of the Manslayer , a deranged black unicorn. Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this story? You be the judge.


Julia Gilstein

This is one of the poems I wrote for school. The inspiration for it came from a book I was reading that had gryphons in it.

Caer Falken

Christopher R Regan

After the cataclysm, Crystalmyst is a realm of chaos. Starshadow, Loquitor and Kittarina set out to search the land and discover things which will chart the future.


Grace (Aubrey Osiris)

*inhales dust*

The Story of the Griffon

Melanie Teichroeb

Just a light little poem I started a LOOONG time ago and finally finished...behold! The making of the first griffon! :3

Etain Chapter 2

Amber Hill

In the unfineshed and lame chapter 2, we meet a flock of meadowlarks.

Magical Creature

Louisa Howser

A poem about a gryphon, the description of one, and the characteristics.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 16 - The Tearful Journey

Christina Stoppa

Arcturus has just been dealt a terrible blow. Now he must face his grief over his loss.

Vagan Angels ~ Chapter 1

Marie Westbrook

This is the first chapter of VA, both the title and the chapter need new names but I can't figure out what to name them, and takes place in the world of Dravad on the 5th island (for lack of a better name) I don't think that there should be anything that needs explaining, but tell me if there is, if you have any ideas for the things that need naming tell me also. Updated 3/22/04~ I think I fixed most of what people told me, except for separateing it into different chapters. It should be fairly different.

Through the Whispering Fog(poem)

Philip Walker

My first toss at poems. Nor sure if I like it, and comments are welcome, as always. :)

The Eagle Warrior (Chapter 1)

Angela Knopp

I had a role playing character named Akilina and started to write an introductory story for her. I never actually started the role play, but I did start on writing more to this story! Other chapters might be slow as I'm working on 5, yes 5 stories at once right now. I just have way to many ideas so I start to write them down before I forget and now look at the mess I'm in.

The Vampires of Ravenshed Court

Jayd Greenwood

The Vampires of Ravenshed Court all grew up in London, and never want to leave. They are good at hiding all evidence of Vampirism, although they find this tiring and boring. So, they resort to other means of entertainment.Here, we are introduced to the Members of The Household.

The Weaver of Nightmares (Poem)

Elizabeth Davidson

A boredem creation, this was written 3 years ago, and it shows.

The Prophecy - poem

Nikki Drewry

From this one poem, I have visions of an epic story. Yes, I do. See... this Dove in Spring is the princess of some grand kingdom, and the Hawk in Fall is her protector. The Eagle in Summer is some sailor who shows up to help them while they're in a port city... he can't go back sailing because his ship is stuck in port. Blue and Silver are the colors of her house... or else the sailor's house... not sure about that. We have a magic sword, and the Gold and Black are the colors of some other house, who they think is an enemy, but is actually their ally. Copper in winter is a thinly veiled image of blood on snow, and the Hunter is the evil bad guy of doom. Then that little bit on the end is nifty too, sorta added on to the end of the prophacy by the Hunter himself as a warning. When all my other story ideas have played out (fat chance, that) then I'll start working on this one. :) Hm... I'll put this in the Mystic category because it's a mystic prophacy and such...

No Peace for Wolves

Mai Zhang

There are wolves that have been born of the forest... no matter what befalls them, they are blessed.

The Eagle and the Cockroach

James Healy

It started as a school assignment for english. It became a parody of creation myths and teamwork.

The Blessing of Night

Carrie Ott

In the midnight blackness of Lyana's world, there shines one glimmer of hope to which she clings. But perhaps, that hope is misplaced... Short story. 3 hours to complete. Hope you like it! The goal was to create a complete short story in under 55 sentences, which I did (52 sentences). Comments and criticism greatly appreciated! Edit 11/23/08 - Yay! I finally fixed all those annoying line feeds that didn't need to be there! So now the story looks presentable, format-wise.

Chapter 1 - The white eyed man

Ingvild Hoff

So here you have it, the first chapter of my story "Saga of the Crows". I believe you understand why it has its title now, seeing as the leading ladys name is Saga, and she is a Crow!;) Well, anyway, this is the first chapter of her and his story. It will be a multisided story, with more than one or two main charaters, and we will through my novel get the feeling of their lives in this terrible, unhappy, unfair world. In this chapter we meet Saga, the unlucky crow, and Alaric, the unknown male that saves her. We will see a little of the town they live in and the lives they lead, but it is more a presentation than anything. I havent been working on this (the english version) for at least 2 years, so excuse my bad english, and the mistakes. The norwegian version i have is more complexed and more action to it, but just read this, and if you like it i will try to translate the parts thats left out!;)Enjoy! And do comment!:)

The Legend of Seteba And Skarta

Bri Smart

Also known has 'The Birth of the Valkyries.' This is a legend I made up which goes with the story Fate's Beginning. There will be more legends I will write, each one relating to the Gods of the land in which Fate's Beginning is set.