Allison Lynch

This story was inspired by U2's 'October,' the lyrics to which can be found at the end of the story. It gave me the idea of personifying seasons as people, October being the first I tackled. I want to write more, but I'm having trouble coming up with other plotlines. *sigh* I'll think of something eventually.


C. Corbin

Ok, this is a prologue to a much longer story I'm writing, and it's based on a dream I had. I like it alot.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Prologue

Connie Chen

The Prologue of a story about 4 teenagers who must unite as the Elements to defeat a dark and ancient evil!

Piriah Chapter 10: Nalche Wakes Up

Dana Caldwell

The next chapter in the Piriah saga. Still not a named story, but developing nicely. Here, Nalche is waking up from the cyclone storm she created and discovering a new life.

Piriah Chapter 9: Nalche Loses Control

Dana Caldwell

Well, we all knew it was going to happen if that girl didn't get some proper training. She heads out in a snit and gets herself in trouble. Good thing there's a mysterious mage there to help her out.

Chapter III

Sara Drakos

chapter iii to the elements story.

N. Bonina

Princess Fye grew frusterated with royalty and decided to visit Earth. After all, anything's better than having to listen to all those lectures, right? She soon finds that Earth is not as safe as she expected.

Epochs (poem)

David Daumit

A short rhyme about ages yet to come.

Mother Sky

Chelsea Schetzle

A story within a poem, it's about the elements...

A Story of Twins

Catrina Callahan

well this little tid-bit came about one day when i was thinking about how everyone calls me and my best friend twins. we look alike and are the same age so some ppl actually think we are, but we are from different families...hmmm, so i decided to explain why we we're in different families. It's not very good and certainly not my best, but i like it all the same

An Elven Star

Stephanie Thomas

Elita doesn't belong to any known species in Talnam but someone, somewhere knows something because she is being hunted down. She must flee her home and team up with someone she thinks is arrogant to find her own species and somewhere to be safe.

Death Day

Megan Jackson

Based on Pluto. Earth and Pluto are at war and new technology on Earth is set to destroy Pluto at 12pm that day. A boy contemplates this news.

Prologue (Version 2.0)

Joseph Gnemmi

This a redo of my other prologue.

The Journel

Joe Arenal

The beginning of my story 'No Man's Land' in which you follow the main character by his journel entries


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

Have you ever wondered why humanity is the way it is? I have. This is about how humanity is now....how a lot of people do not care about where we will be in 50 years, about what we are doing to our fellow inhabitants, and to the earth in general. This is about the horror of this world as it is now.

Silent Earth Ch.3

Carla Anderson

The plot thickens (but slowly, because this is going to be a longer one!)


Emma Poyntz

I wrote this story years ago - but possibly the first long length story i wrote, which was for a school assignment..

A Long Time Before

Cathin Yang

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was peace and happiness. Course, that stuff never stays long and this is what happens...

The Tale of Years - II. The First Elf-Lord

Christopher Manica

Tolkien meets the Book of Genesis.

Shattered Earth: Korell (Part 1)

Andrew Meilstrup

The the first installment to the epic of Shattered Earth. A sovereign people's struggle against a tyrannical, imperialist power.