Mother Kat: Chapter 4

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter four. More of Rob, Sarah and Gary.

Mother Kat: Chapter 1

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, first chapter. Introducing Mother Kat and her world.

Mother Kat: Chapter 3

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter three. Introducing Gary, and one of Mother Kat's parishioners.

Mother Kat: Chapter 2

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter two. Rob, Sarah, and Paula.

Mother Kat: Prologue

Emilie Finn

My contribution to Wyvern's Project 5. A rather ambitious story set in Eugene, OR some decades in the future. Let's hope my writing skills are up to this!

Prophecy Story: The Fifth Bit

Erin Luce

In the latest bit, the travelers keep on traveling. Borris has a nasty surprise while snacking on some tarts, Io learns some history, Umber raises his voice (gasp), and we gain a little insight as to what happened at Elkwolf.

The Earthquake

James Yee

This is a five min. story. It took five to write and type. So it shouldn't take you long to read. Beware! Five min. doesn't make for great stories!

Earthquake (Chapters 4 and 5)

Angela Knopp

In which Sen is revealed as a sociopath and Nitesh and Marius are as subtle as sledgehammers. If you have no idea who these sexy boys are go back to Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 respectively. And no don’t ask me what’s going on. I have no idea. I’m just sitting here watching these characters run around and wondering who’s using my fingers to type because I’m not sure its me. This part of the story actually got edited before it was submitted to elfwood because it may or may not have been too explicit, so I played it safe and cut out a paragraph or two. Chapter 4 is short so chapter 5 is packed in with it. I have only one thing to say about chapter 5; lavicious is a word. It is a word most often used in the same sentence as lewd. I couldn’t find it on the online dictionary I looked at and it doesn’t exist in my spell check, but that might just mean I know more words than the dictionary. That or I make up good words. Either way, I win.

Covenant Waters - Chapter 1

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh is awakened by a small quake to find a stranger trapped under rubble that fell from her roof. Who is this stranger? And why does the Nephil Arthek take some much interest in her? *Wow, a mod's choice. I really wasn't expecting that. Thanks so much for picking my work and for giving me the pretty yellow star! I almost cried when I saw it. =3

Earthquake (Chapter 6)

Angela Knopp

And the story goes on... lalala

Piriah Prologue: In the Beginning

Dana Caldwell

Here's the basic 'creation myth' for Piriah, the world that I made for my newest story. This is the groundwork for Natanael, fight scene, and Council of Mages. It's fun.

Earthquake (Chapter 7 and 8)

Angela Knopp

The last two chapters! I know it ends a bit abruptly, but maybe one day I'll write an epilouge or something :) Anyway the story is supposed to end with the same sentence it starts with in tribute to my friend Ivy who I wrote this for.

Vampire Ressurection

Katrina Constantine

I like werewolves better..but vampires are generally pretty cool too. However, I have never thought it is right to portray a blood sucking monster as a good guy. How good can a person be if they need living blood for sustance? Psi vamps...on the other hand.....

Mother Kat: Chapter 5

Emilie Finn

Chapter 5 of Wyvern's Project 5. Nightmares and a conversation with Sarah.

Earthquake (Chapter 1)

Angela Knopp

Another Sioni story, this one about an Earth power. This is chapter one and has the exact same prolouge as the others. It doesn't matter which you read first, I'm writing them all as independant stories. This one is going to broken into more peices than Firelight because people kept whinning. Yup whinning works.

Earthquake (Chapter 3)

Angela Knopp

Our adventure continues as our heroine must dare the great jungle alone to resuce Nitesh's unlucky self. Please leave any constructive criticism you can think of! Random comments like 'I luff you' are also welcome, though creepy if they come from someone who's not related to me.

Earthquake (Chapter 2)

Angela Knopp

Okay so I've had this story in my head for a few years, ever since I started on Firelight again. Now I'm realizing its kind of funny that I'm writing it now after the huge earthquake/tsunami that just happened. It must be fate. To bad there's no wizards to help us out! I encourage you to do the 30 Hour Famine, I did it this year and the money raised goes to help impoverished people all over the world. A lot of the houses they built were washed away by the tsunami and need to be re-built. Well that's my good deed plug for the day :)


Kevin Hosein

A student at a British school, tormented by school and his teachers, narrates his story during the class detention. Is it a pure coincidence or is the concentration of the mind really a forgotten power?