Phoenix syndrome

Erin McLaughlin

I went for a walk in the park and stood beside a giant tree. That night, I stayed up and watched 'Vampire High' At 2:00 in the morning the ending bit of the stroy jumped into my head, fully formed and demanded that I write it down. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 3

Aaron Miner

Enter Franz Mohellian, businessman extraordinaire. In this chapter he meets the mysterious Fay von Nebel, an ambitious young reporter who knows more than she should...

Black Engine part 1

Martin Keeling

My first complete story. Inspired by the Guilty Gear series of beat 'em ups. I'm not very good with html so the quality isn't very good...

Mirror of Eden

Melanie Mallard

Another poem but this time it relates to time travel. Funny how inspiration comes by sitting on a bench waiting for the bus after an exam... =P

Wyvern's Project 2

Segun Williams

Think about it...It's about Starkindler, Brightstar, and the Beloved Singer and Dancer.

Guardian at the Gates

Hannah Smith

Inspired by a picture of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's called 'Uriel'. He's the guy that guards the gates to the garden of Eden. I thought it must be ahrd for him, standing there all alone with his back to paradise...

Dream of the Garden

Angela Sasser

An angel begins a journey that will forever change my life. Inspired by a dream once upon a night.

Midnight in the Garden of Eden

Jason Kong

A poem about two people. Read and discover for yourself.

Aftermath - Project #7

Debra Turpin

This is my contribution to Jim Bowers' Project #7. He provided a 'seed' paragraph that all writers had to take off from. Permission to use the 'seed' is here: As a writer, I enjoy working on these projects because I usually have to stretch a bit outside of what I normally write. Sometimes, it can be frustrating, but overall I enjoy the experience! Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Them's the Brakes

Katherine Grantham

Inspired by a friend's moving experience, involving one of the most terrifyingly unroadworthy vehicles I have heard tell of. Whoa, mods choice first time out of the gate. Guess the Elfwood donation is good for something.  *wry grin*Corrected a couple of misspellings. Knew I should have used a spell-checker... Nertz! Correcting the misspellings lost the Mods Choice icon! Scream! Wail! Other imprecations as required! If I ever get another one you'll just have to live with any stupid misspellings! * pout*


Simi *Muffin Queen*

You may already know her story; it is an old, old story. It is the story of a garden, and the loss of perfection. You may already know Lilith's story, but this is not hers. This story is not so old as that, for Lilith is older than all things. This story is about Eve. This is Eve's story of the garden and the snake's secret smile. I was a little hesitant to write this at all, and even more hesitant to put it on Elfwood. It does have a heavy religious tone to it, but I'm not trying to preach anything. I've been obsessed with telling Lilith's side of the story, and when someone suggested I tell Eve's, I couldn't resist. I apologize if this offends anyone in any way. Glossary of Hebrew terms (italics) at the end of the story. Comments and critiques welcomed. Enjoy!


Manda Maggs

Dedicated to Robert Budde my creative writing prof who encouraged writing in different styles, and Nalo Hopkinson for her talent.

Pandora (short story)

John Howes

I've always wanted to do something like this... though i never predicted the personality pandora ended up with.

The Garden of Eden - Excerpt from Aftermath of Armageddon (Volume 2 of the FirstWorld Saga)

Christopher JacksonAsh

Simon Redhead, Everlasting Hero, makes his first visit to ElvenHome and feasts with Queen Ceridwen.


Emilie Finn

A fable. This story stands alone.

The First Few Steps

Siobhán A.Doyle

The first chapter of a story inspired by and RPG I'm playing.

Of Bloom in a Land between Eden

Peter a.k.a Dauphin

I don't know if you could call this a religious story, at least it can be seen as tribute to two of my favourite bible stories. So this might be as religious as I can get, in any case you should not take it too seriously.

The Neverless Empires- Chatpeter 1

Sarah Hagen

And this, this is where the story begins, a tale woven of darkness and hatred that plagued lands, and whole continents, and destroyed them where they stood. This is the tale of Eden and Daeva.


Sarah Hagen

Once upon a time, The End. Darkness can hide nothing when the very enemy you face is darkness, something purely evil that grows off fear and all malevolence associated with its shadowy invisibility.


Melinda Reynolds

Mihdael attempts to dissuade Lucifer from joining the Rebellion; Michael demotes Mihdael