Mythic: Chapter Six

Rebecca Gordon

'And it's always a roller-coaster ride, when you've been born destined in the sky....'

Mythic: Chapter Two

Rebecca Gordon

This is where is gets juicy. ^_^ Ah, I love it when things heat up!

Mythic: Chapter Nine

Rebecca Gordon

Another big chapter coming your way! ^_~


Matthew Darrow

An adventure story set in Ancient Egypt.

Chapter 1 -Falling-

Daniel Kungsman

The rather short first chapter of the Myth of Kingship. Tell me whether or not you want to read on.

Prologue -To Kill a God-

Daniel Kungsman

The prologue for my version of the Egyptean Myth of Kingship.


Paul Doyle

I decided to break out of a rut, and try something completely different. So I got into a little challenge with Elfwood writer Leigh Erickson: If she could write about something OTHER than death, I would write a death poem! So here it is, about a fictitious Egyptian pharaoh named Chepankhtep (yes; I chickened out trying to come up with rhymes, so I left his name out of the poem! I hope it's exciting and fun . . . and has a twist. The Mexican mummies mentioned are no longer literally hanging around; they are in museums now. If you've ever seen the original 'Faces of Death', you've seen some of the Mexican mummies mentioned here. This is the very first attempt I've made at something this dark.


Helen Pye

The oldest story that I wrote - it's about six years old. I don't know whether the historical references are accurate - I couldn't be bothered to check.

Mythic: Chapter Ten

Rebecca Gordon

And the beat goes on.... (Dunno.. felt like saying that ^_^)

Mythic: Chapter Twenty Three

Rebecca Gordon

I love the fact that I can mess with dialogue just because they're magickal.... Hehh... Oh, and this may be the last one for some time; I'm grounded and re-writing the whole ending.

Mythic: Chapter Eighteen

Rebecca Gordon

One last bit of a chapter and I'm moving right along. Poor Anubis; Poor, poor Sutekh.

Mythic: Chapter Three

Rebecca Gordon

Ok, yes, I haven't gotten any more feedback, but I still want to post more. Osiris and Isis get in it deep again with Sutekh. (What's new?)

Mythic: Prelude

Rebecca Gordon

This is my rewrite of Egyptian Mythology. I am using all the knowledge of the legends that I know to re-write Setukh (also known as *shudder* Seth) as the good guy. I'm so sick of everyone revering Isis and Osiris so much! It got OLD! *ahem*

Painted Black

Rachel Poole

I'm really proud of this tale and I did want to continue and make it into a series but nothing else I came up with could do it justice. So, it will remain a short story and I hope you enjoy it :)


April Bloom

This is a story that I based on my feelings and on my life... Only I put it in a very metaphoric way and found that it made a half decent story. This is my favourite story to date... It's very personal to me and I am proud of it. Hopefully you will too... :D

Black Companions

Daisy Gillam

I'm not really sure how this story came about.. It just kinda popped in my head, I suppose. Anywho, it took me a while to finish it, as I've been working on it on and off for a few months. *shrug*


Kevin Hosein

I wrote this the day before Christmas in the year 2001...I don't know why, though. Not my best work.

Ashley and the Gang

Cly Novak

This is mostly about Ashley, the humanish cat. I'll be drawing him soon and the rest of them. (I've already done Ron and Jessie.) Yes, they do have girlie names, but that's cause they are a different species and when they came in contact with humans, they stole a few of their names, not knowing that they are female names. Anyway, they are all felid related. Mici and Stormy are real cats (they're my babies!) and I made them exactly how they are in real life. Mici is cute and hyper dispite his five years, and Sotrmy is old and fat but has enough strength (and I am not joking) to drag my 140 pounds across the floor by a shoelace! This cat is strong, but does not use it unless another cat threatens him, or Mici (only he is allowed to beat up his little macho coward 'brother'). Mici wants to be all big and tough... so long as he's behind Stormy. Anyway, this story was first written along with a beautiful trance techno song with chanting monks but when the song ended, the story went in every direction. I finally couldn't keep up with it so I quit. I may continue, but not soon. Oh, and when Silve asks Ashley if he loves the rest of the group (all male), she did not mean as if he were gay. In their society, love is very important and it is not unusual to see males act loving toward each other. So, enjoy!


William Hutchinson

An assigment given to me by my Creative wirting teacher. Said to create a modern mystery story so i came up with this one. The biggest story in the class so i was pretty stoked

The Peacock's Tale

Hannah Ringler

A retelling of the story of Io, Hera and Zeus - I love writing retellings of myths!