embrace of twilight

Victoria Csizmadia

My mother threw it in to poem formation, saying it would sound better as that. About a girl( or me!! ^^; )) standing on the beach watching the sun set, gertting a lil carried away thinking baout the sun god Ra.

Mythic: Chapter Six

Rebecca Gordon

'And it's always a roller-coaster ride, when you've been born destined in the sky....'

Mythic: Chapter Two

Rebecca Gordon

This is where is gets juicy. ^_^ Ah, I love it when things heat up!

Mythic: Chapter Nine

Rebecca Gordon

Another big chapter coming your way! ^_~

Thoughts of Bast

Jenny Morash

This is a poem I wrote as part of a group project that James has gotten me involved in. It's actually the second project, but the first didn't fit with the theme of Elfwood.

Mythic: Chapter Ten

Rebecca Gordon

And the beat goes on.... (Dunno.. felt like saying that ^_^)

Mythic: Chapter Twenty Three

Rebecca Gordon

I love the fact that I can mess with dialogue just because they're magickal.... Hehh... Oh, and this may be the last one for some time; I'm grounded and re-writing the whole ending.

Mythic: Chapter Eighteen

Rebecca Gordon

One last bit of a chapter and I'm moving right along. Poor Anubis; Poor, poor Sutekh.

Mythic: Chapter Three

Rebecca Gordon

Ok, yes, I haven't gotten any more feedback, but I still want to post more. Osiris and Isis get in it deep again with Sutekh. (What's new?)

Mythic: Djehuty!!!

Rebecca Gordon

Like my Mythic series, this included Sutekh and Horus. Of course, it was a request, so it's a humor that also includes my good friend, Lady Seta. Hope you enjoy!!!

Mythic: Prelude

Rebecca Gordon

This is my rewrite of Egyptian Mythology. I am using all the knowledge of the legends that I know to re-write Setukh (also known as *shudder* Seth) as the good guy. I'm so sick of everyone revering Isis and Osiris so much! It got OLD! *ahem*

Painted Black

Rachel Poole

I'm really proud of this tale and I did want to continue and make it into a series but nothing else I came up with could do it justice. So, it will remain a short story and I hope you enjoy it :)

Hearts of Olympus Series : Rose (Prologue)

Jennifer Black

She vowed never to love a mortal. Her vow did not last long in the face of a devoted, but highly-passionate priest.

Kheprihotep's Psalm

Erin Carter

Kheprihotep is one of my oldest characters. He is an ancient Egyptian, duh, who was cursed by his brother to sleep until he was awakened. (Backwards very long sleeping beauty). Maria Shrinebeck, an Egyptologist wakes him up. This is his song has he looks back on his people.

Mythic: Chapter Fourteen

Rebecca Gordon

It's the after effect of Horus' visit. The next chapter, I promise, will be a bit funnier. He's just BEGINING to get drugged up... but make no mistake. He's no fun right now.

Mythic: Twenty

Rebecca Gordon

And so the Trial REALLY begins... *grins* How it ends... you'll have to wait, ne?

Mythic: Chapter Twenty Two

Rebecca Gordon

SUPER short... but it's just a bitty scene in the Trial.

Mythic: Chapter Eleven

Rebecca Gordon

More and more and more... I still have more to type! ^_^

Mythic: Chapter Fifteen

Rebecca Gordon

Um... More! Yeeeeeah... that's the ticket...

Mythic: Chapter Nineteen

Rebecca Gordon

Long time no see! If I get enough on this chapter, though... I'll upload more. Because I DO have more. ^^