Elementals - 3 - Chapter 1

Jessica Seefried

This is the first Chapter in the Elementals. It shows a glimps at the original ten Elementals and how they discovered themselves, and found the Merlin.

Elementals - 2 - Prolouge

Jessica Seefried

A prolouge to The Elementals Series. I re-wrote this during the second semester of senior year, putting it into past tense, and tweaking a few things so that my seventh grader vocabular was no longer as noticable.

Once upon a time...

Christine Jacqueline Schepens

This? This is about a girl who is an exchange student between 'the other realm' and the world that humans believe that they solely exist in. At first no one is told that the 'other realm' exist... plot line from there? HA! Have no clue! Merging of the two schools? Invasion of mortal realm? Magical creatures to the rescue? Evil alien domination? Aliens want to attack, ask for surrender. Humans cant defend themselves, suddenly magical creatures appear, human/magic alliance... magic used to created weapons and defence systems...etc... jock/elf attraction? Jock descendant of wizard? Jock just human? ... *sigh* I really don't know...

The Molten Depths

Daniel Kinicki

Some hearts beat with fire, some have no hearts at all

When the Night Hunts

Meagan Sears

Okay, I'm sorry about the title of this story, I don't think it's a terribly good one, but I came up with it at 2 in the morning, so please cut me some slack. Okay, onto the story itself. Ummmm...it's kinda in the middle of another story, but this bit wanted to be told first, I guess. I realize it's a little confusing at first, but please bear with me. Ummm... I hope you like it. Please leave a comment. Constructive criticism is good. Oh, and please tell me if you want me to continue writing this one, or if I should just give up. Thanks. :D


Rachel Armstrong

This is a prologue for what I hope will eventually become a much longer story. Ariana walked into my head and brought her world with her, but I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do with her yet. Still, I like to think the prologue by itself is pretty decent. ; )

Windsinger, part 2

Rachel Armstrong

Hoo boy. As if Shadow-Dancing wasn't enough of a needlessly lengthy story that doesn't know when to quit, here comes another one . . . although this one is shaping up to be way, way, way less dark, evil, and all-around sick. : )

Tale of a dead Necromancer

Frank Berendsen

Damien is a young lad who is studying the arts of magic. However, he has no real talent, untill he meets Charna.

Poem: Elements

Athene Grele

This is just a random little poem about spirits. I dug it out of last year's school notebook, revised it, and decided to post it.

The Oracles Promise

Lora Hayden

The Caretakers of the elements are slowly going insane. The Oracle knows some of what's happening, but it's not revealing all... (The Oracle speaks in bold italics)


Robert Pole

My very own creation myth.

Thirteen Dragons: Chapter One

Natalie Plowden

In the world there are 13 elemental dragon gods. Now someone is out to kill them and take their power.

Elements VI: Meeting, 2

Sharon Black

All righty, so they finally meet up and have their appropriately vague and creepy instructions. I know it's been a while, but hopefully everyone remembers what's been going on.

The Watchers

Ethan Childress

Two meet in a desert to pass on responsibilities.

Elementals~book 1~chapter 1

Mariah Mitchell

Pierra, Sarah, Vanessa, and Britney arent as normal as they seem. Pierra has always had the power to read mineds. but when the new Brother and sister move to town some how they are blocking her power. oddly she can only get feelings off them and she knows fully well that they both hate her and yet the brother- whos a senior- seems to want to talk to her. Now she will soon fined out what the bracelet she always wears means and what is wrong with the Cees kids?

Elementals - 6 - Chapter 4

Jessica Seefried

A hard battle fought, and much realized for our group of friends.

Untitled Chapter 1

Matt Takane

This is the first chapter to a story I've been writing for about awhile on and off i guess. Under pressure and sheer want of constructive critisism I have begun the revision and editing process :) So here's the begining.

The Game of Dikasterion (unfinished)

Mary Martin

This is a short story I started for the 'Alternate Elementals' project for Bifrost that I ended up not finishing in time. It's still not done. Suggestions are welcome. I'm a little stuck, but we'll see what happens!

Sword of Earth - Chapter 4 L'Eaua

Michelle Earl

Horsemaster, Scarlet and Storm find a valley filled with water and death due to flooding.  A girl named L'Eaua is causing it; she is an elemtal as well.  Find out her story.  Note:  This is a first draft. 

A Quest For Peace

Adam Carpenter

Enter the world of Chaos, titans, and legend,from the point of view of Obsidian one of the four elemental guardians of old. Join Obsidian on his quest to eliminate darkness from the realm and the many struggles he encounters along the way.