The Beginning

David Stevenson

The start of a rather fantasy/western mix I tried, will eventualy get back to it.

New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D

Atrillen Starwhistle ch. 01

Courtney Reger

This is the first chapter of a story that I have been working on, and my first on Elfwood. Don't be confused by my term ailfe, it is pronounced like elf. It just was changed for something later. Feel free to leave comments

John's Choice

Victoria Proctor

A human loves an elf....I smell trouble.

Black Moon in a White Night (Part II)

Diogo Teles

Finally part 2 of this story. It introduces two new characters and is quite bigger than the first part. There should be about 3 more parts to this story. I left Cliven's phyiscal description quite in the open so please leave some suggestions to what he should look like :D Thanks! The song refered to in the end of this part can be read in 'Song of an exiled proxy', another text on this corner of wyrven's. You can take a look at an illustration of Prania at Starwitch's gallery

Hope's Bane Part A

Janice Holitzki

This is the story of a courageous elf, and her stuggle to rid her world of the sadistic humans. But something strange happens to our heroine when she attempts to assasinate one particular Lord.

Elvish Battles - Installment One

Kolton Berry

Prepare to be thrust into a world of my imagination. The storyline is a little long, and I'm only about one-fourth finished.. But I'm going to be making more.. Hopefully I can upload them at school.

Spirits Chapter 1

Victor Phillips

Hope I put it in the right format. Its confusing. um,evil dude, tree spirits, half elfs, hopefully a good story in there somewhere.


Asah Cramer

Just a wierd little poem...I have no idea where it came from, no idea where its going, no idea what it's doing in existance....who knows?

Hill's Revenge

Colin Steele

Basically its a story about a man who comes back from war and finds that his wife has been murdered and his kids sold into slavery. He knows who did it because his wife wrote a small scribble on a piece of paper before she died. He hunted down the men who were responsible and found them meeting in a tavern. Along the way to the tavern he meet an elf who was a sharpshooter during the war. Now he has only one thing on his mind, to kill the men responsible. 

Silent Wish

Lynn Taylor

Tolcus and His sisters and cousins find a uneque  problem when it comes to romance. Poor lonely Elf what will they do.  A silent wish sets things in motion and it brings problems of there own. Sorry I deletted this story when I was very depressed.

Battle of Soamora: Part 2

William Hutchinson

Continuing story of Sora. Lets see what else can i say... well i do try to add and improve the text for better reading and better story

The Beginning of a World

Fiona Savage

This is how creation happened for a land known as Imortalis Imaginarus. Its a Land completely dependant on magic and belief. It is part one in the Imortalis Imaginarus series

Sora chapter one

Elaine Bannon

A story about a girl that is mother nature complete with powers over nature that she has no clue how to use. The daughter of 2 famous heroes and the granddaughter of the gods, she is a force to be reckon with.

Literary Limbo Lounge

ME Burnham

Have you ever wondered where characters go when their stories are over? When the adventure ends and when no one is reading their work? Who would run such an establishment? Have you ever wondered what the muses are truly like and what they do in their “off-time?” Welcome to the Literary Limbo Lounge. The first of a (as of yet) uncompleted three-parter. Edit 12-23-05: Oh my goodness! 8D Mod's Choise?! Oh, thank you, thank you Moderators!

Prologue (unfinished)

Mattias Johansson

This story will help you understand my future stories

The Dragon Kingdom: Chapter 2

Daquan Blackwell

The second chapter in my novel. Hope you like it:)


Jonathan Sharier

This story of mine, though finished, is going through some major revisory editing. For all of you that had to read the painful verse in the beginning, I thank you! though this should be much more of a treat to read as it is much more realistic, though I have not changed the story itself so much, as I do like the storyline. I think this edition of my story puts things in perspective much more than the last, as well as being more interesting to read (I hope!). I invite you to see what I've done and see for yourself how much it has changed. I have only edited as far as is posted, though more will be edited in the future. Here now, is the story of The Elves of Iridaian.

Mother - 2.The Elders

Aida Vicens

Years passed by, and Rûth grew up. Today is HER day. She's gonna discover what future the Mother's gonna give her

Max - The Scanner Goblin

John Spjuth

Awww... This is a old story one of my first. I wrote this when I discovered Elfwood (a few years ago) but I haven't joined untill now. Enjoy... or... not.