Night's Eye 1: Prologue

Eeva Kulmala

This is the beginning of a story I've been planning for 5 years or so... I have translated it on my own, and as English is not my mother's language, there minght be some mistakes... Tell me if there are some. And please, please, please comment!

Elvish Dreams: Part 2

Emma Hineman

2nd part of my Elvish Dreams story..*Looks at it* ...CORNY!...*ahem*

Elvish Dreams: Part 8

Emma Hineman

Tah dah, part 8...happy? I am! ^_^ even though I hate uploading stories...*goes off mumbling to herself*

Elvish Dreams: Part 9

Emma Hineman

*Toduns dances across the room in a dress* ...i figure if you've actually read this much you should know just how ....uh..for lack of a better word 'Strange' Toduns is..

My Story- Part 2

Angela Nordahl

This is the second part of my long story. I finally got it up here!

Elvish Battles - Installment Three

Kolton Berry

It's a continuation of the first two. This introduces a new character and a new tidbit of the storyline. The *humans* o0o0o0o! Heh. It'll all come togeather in the end. -.o;

Elvish Battles - Installment One

Kolton Berry

Prepare to be thrust into a world of my imagination. The storyline is a little long, and I'm only about one-fourth finished.. But I'm going to be making more.. Hopefully I can upload them at school.

Elven Secrets - Chapter 6

Nancy Chamberlain

here it is, the last chapter of Half-Elf Girl *sniff sniff* it's been great! I'll miss posting new chapters and seeing how everyone reacts to them... at least I still have Kyla's Story... I am glad that everyone liked this story and I hope the ending is enjoyed as much as the beginning was... thanks to everyone who commented on this story... and even all the people who didnt... Thanks for the support and the constructive critisism! Now here it is... the end:

An Elven Lullaby

Holly Johnson

This is a lullaby that I think is alike to those sung by the elves to their children. I also sing it myself, occasionally.

Elvish Dreams - Part One

Emma Hineman

A story I started about a little over year ago. I Finished it in about a year too (Though i took a HUGE break in the middle of the story...made a lot of people a bit angry while doing that too ^_^) In total there is around...Twenty parts...Twenty one, somewhere around that.

Elvish Dreams: Part 10

Emma Hineman

Well here it is, this is as much as i'm putting up now. Half because i'm lazy and don't want to upload any more parts onto Elfwood..and half that i want to see some reactions from people to see if i really should put up the last half of the story....


Samuel Kingsley

This first chapter is the main character, Aamyst's, strange dream (which is important) and his birthday party.

Poem - Dance by the light of the moon

Rebecca Brown

A poem about a mortal woman singing to her distrusting lover, calling him to come dance with her under the moon with the elves.


Freyja Stokes

People forget how much less comforting the original elvish mythology was. Even Tolkein, who studied carefully before creating his elves tended to make them far more benign for the purposes of his writings(his Mirkwood wood-elves were closer). this poem is just a reminder... See also Terry Pratchett's 'Lords and Ladies', on which this poem is based. *edit*NO THIS IS NOT PLAGARISM! I state clearly that it is based on Terry Pratchett's novel, Lords and Ladies, these points are made in that book (I even looked them up just now) and yes, this is similar. OF COURSE IT IS, IT'S WHERE I GOT THE IDEAS FROM! Because they tallied so closely with my own observations and thoughts at the time I really liked them. I reworked these ideas INTO MY OWN CREATION years after I last read the book. I am not trying to pretend it is not based on the book, part of the point is a homage to an author that continues to inspire me and the way I write. There are only 3 authors that have this high a value for me, so I hope you understand that I would NEVER want to do the wrong thing. Grr.

Elven Secrets - Chapter 1

Nancy Chamberlain

A story about a girl who accidentally finds her way into the Elvish realm and discoveres that she is a rare half-blood (half-Elf, half-human) ........ I have edited the story a tiny bit from suggestions from a helpful comment... my thanks to whoever the comment writer is ....... YAY!! The kind and helpful mod's have put the mod's choice icon back!! ^_^ This was my first ever story on elfwood, and my first ever mod's choice! (that's why it's so special ^_^)

Elven Secrets - Chapter 4

Nancy Chamberlain

Here it is, my favorite chapter, please dont ask me why... the only other thing I am going to say is keep a box of tissues handy... I know I needed them when I wrote it...

Elven Secrets - Chapter 2

Nancy Chamberlain

Continuation of Half-Elf Girl (ch 1).

Elvish Battles - Installment Two

Kolton Berry

There's not a lot to say really. The 'beautiful Elf' is named Elyna. This tells about her family, a little more about the world they live in and .. stuff.


Liam Mackenzie

This is the full version of the prayer used in my book 'Albino'

Song of Elves Chapter 3

Bri Smart

This is the third chpater of my Song of Elves story. And just so you all know, the text in another language is just a translation of part of my Song of Elves song into an elvish dialect I made up.