The Embrace

Cullen Groves

Two lovers wish they could be together forever. But, everyone knows, be careful what you wish for . . . This is an odd story. I got the idea when hugging someone. I don't believe it's a new idea, by any means, but I figured I could write it interestingly, and I did (I hope).

Eternal Friendship P.II - Survival

Sebastian Meusel

Ok, this is now Part 2 of my ongoing series of shortstorys revolving around that 'special' pair of friends. Hope you like it.

Amaranth - Part 1

Elie Pearson

One day on their way home from work Gaddiel and Abraham, the brothers Brown, find a creature that will change their lives forever.  While Gaddiel is increasingly wary of this new find Abraham is increasingly drawn to it.

Amaranth - Part 3

Elie Pearson

Whilst Gaddiel's panic grows, Abraham begins to fall deeper into Amaranth's spell.

Amaranth - Part 4

Elie Pearson

Sarah comes to a sudden realisation and things rapidly begin to go wrong.

Amaranth - Part 5

Elie Pearson

Abraham has never been more at peace, but peace was never meant to last...

The Three

Crystal Wilford

Well, as I'm a rock-hard, stony-faced being where critisizm to stories is concerned (as I feel I'm the hardest critic of my own terrible work) I'm very sensitive about my poetry. This is a sort of preview to a story soon comming. Night Visitor. I'd LOVE to hear interpretations about this poem as well as anything you think I should improve.

Embrace My Dagger You

Amanda Render

Dedicated to someone I thought I could trust...

Like Mist

Imelda Weijers

A sad poem about a man who meets a ghost and becomes a ghost himself.


Steven Crowley

I don't really know what caused me to write this. It just sort of wrote itself, I guess.

Amaranth - Part 2

Elie Pearson

Things begin to get complicated when the wounded creature is discovered by another.

Chrishankhah's Gift

Heather Davis

This is a poem based on the embrace of a vampire. In this particular case, that of Chrishankhah, my Egyptian Vampiress. This is her introduction - the choice she gives the 'victim', might I add.

Ellenoire's Embrace

Nici Jackson

Thisis like... my favouritest ever story I've ever written, I love it so much. My friend Joey told me I should create a whole bunch of sequels, and do a whole story about her experiences as a vampire, newly born. I was thinking I could, but then I never got around to it.

Where Devils Hearken

Nici Jackson

A short poem about a vampire's embrace, when they first come into the kiss of death, and how they welcome it. Maybe later I shall add one that is an unwilling victim.

My Beloved Wreathed in Roses

Brittany Dulay

A poem that describes Saeros' gift to Rauvinne (a rose that would never die and seperate them). It goes with, 'The Silent Tragedy.'

Blood Bonds

Monica Hintz

A poem about the life of a Vampire

Sweet Curse

Monica Hintz

What goes through the mind of one being embraced? This is what I would feel...

Deadly Embrace

Dorian Yarbrough

This is a poem I wrote whilst doing my homework one night... I wasn't in a dark mood, just bored with Algebra.


Katrin Otto

Thisis the story of one of my LARP characters


Maria Elmindreda L

This is poem written, addressing to a character of a story written in co-authorship with my friend Shanra. If you wish to know more about the character addressed and the love story, see 'Kay - A Demon's Story' in my library and her 'Beyond Time Lies the Heart' story.