Stray Principle: Part 3 and 4

Deborah Sutherlin

Nora and the wolves must work through their grief and attempt to survive.

Requiem for the Dead 02

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

A little glimpse of the poewers-that-be as they decide what they're going to do with their latest recruit


A.S. Pritchard

This is a kind of character study I wrote about an empath/telepath who happens to communicate best with cars.  I had an idea a while back about only stealing cars that want to be stolen. Also, I like Corvettes. That was pretty much the genesis of this little piece.  Written in August of 2008.

Lusus Naturae Chapter 2

Natalie Walsh

Chapter 2 you meet Token, a shapeshifter, and her lover Phathom, an empath.

Safe Harbour (Part 1)

Kelly Holmes

'People called the island Safe Harbour, but to those two cold, weak figures sitting huddled together on the bow, it was far from a safe harbour. For them and the thousands like them, it was the contrary.' Two slaves endowed with special mind powers escape the cruel and ritualistic island of their birth to avoid a terrible fate bestowed upon them by the Overseers that rule Safe Harbour. What would you give up a for chance to live? For them, it may be everything.

God Mark - Connections

Denise Guinn

Part 2 of the God Mark Series. Last we left Chi'era she had awakened her empathic/telekenetic gifts and had been driven from her home only to become a prostitute in a brothel. More is revealed as she moves closer to her destiny.

Maeve's Episode......

Meagan Sears

This is what happens when you manage to really piss of an empathic mage. The results are not much fun.

Stray Principle: Part 5 & 6

Deborah Sutherlin

Applying the 'Stray Principle', Nora once again embraces a dangerous stray. Will his thirst for blood end Nora's destiny?

The Last

Chris Jackson

A futuristic story about an immortal... the last immortal. How would it feel to know your were the last of your kind in a world full of strangers and enemies?

Finding a Teacher

Meagan Sears

Okay, this is probably more accurately called 'An Empath's Pain, Chapter 5', but I thought that would confuse too many people, seeing as how I don't have chapters 2-4 up. But, if you've ever visited my stories before, you should know that I have a tendancy to jump around in the middle of a story. Sorry. However, this is the continuation of my little psycho boy's story. He's got a name now, just like I promised. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!

Mater Aryela

Ben Andrews

An priestess is sent to participate in the interrogation of a prisoner of war. However, her fellow priest does not seem so interested in the answers as he does in the pain of the prisoner. This story was written on a 'commission' for a friend of mine's online persona. I contains a lot of description and dialogue, which is always a challenge, but very rewarding once you get it right.

Specialist Incorporated

Lizzie Bundick

The world is divided, it's paranormals and humans, each trying to figure out how to handle the other. Specialist Inc. is the one bridge between the two but it cost money to biuld a bridge, and Specialist Inc isn't against taking it.

Tales of a Wandering Monster: Chapter 1

Christel Chancy

Dhampirs and water don't mix, especially when there's a mad Magister loose....

Quick Silver

Lindsy Smigel

The two main characters are a shape shifter and an empath, based in 1812 London England. The shape shifter is by day, a mild-mannered Marquis who dabbles in the ton of society (upper crust party people), by night he is managing the family pack and keeping their existance safe. By day, she is a poor Baron's orphan living with her step siblings and abusive Uncle, doing what she can to scrape by. By night, she is an empath who can heal with her voice (something with sound waves, magic, etc..) They both have known each other since he was a teenager and she was a pre-adolescant, and both will find they need each other now that they are grown.

Cold Suns

Lindsy Smigel

My one and only attempt at science fiction; I might actually fix and finish some of it.

Lusus Naturae Chapter 3

Natalie Walsh

Chapter 3 the conclusion of the story... Dont judge me on the ending... lol in my Creative Writing class I could only have a 25 page story double spaced... so i kind of had to sacrifice the ending... I did what I could... but Im kind of thinking about redoing it... I just can't think of how... yet!

Stray Principle: Part 7 and 8

Deborah Sutherlin

Will applying the 'Stray Principle' cost Nora her life this time?