Dying Empire: Prologue

C. Estell

This is the intro to the story I have written the most of so far. I know I tend to write fast, but try to enjoy it. Thanks.

Dying Empire: Chapter 2

C. Estell

Read the Prologue and chapter one first, if you already have, then here's the next thrilling installment! ;)

Saga of the Torchbearers, Part 1

Brendan Conway

This is the beginnings of a story idea i had. It's just the start, and I will be adding a part 2 later. For now, I'll see how you like this one.

The Abridged History of Nasantara

HM Hanif

The history of the Nasantaran Empire, prior to the times of Tiera and Rian.


Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

At the peek of his reign over the galaxy, Lord Tarsik is met with an unpleasant surprise when a new slave girl is brought to him.

Pirates 'I: Escape'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

Pirates '3: The Humble'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

The Kallian Swallow

Tina Andersen

Okay, backstory goes that, basically, Leman conquered Yanimara's homeland, and for rather political reasons forced her into marriage by slaughtering a village for each day she said no. Worked like a charm, no? ;) Incidentally, Leman and Yanimara are the ancestors of Aghamay and Aghanim from my story 'Origins of the Kingdom'.

Snapshot of My World

Jonelle Edwards

A story written for my Senior English class. It's a little snapshot of the life of Allena Dartin, the main character in the Hunt for the Arcea Stone series.

Sovaresti Q'ilesta

Brittany McDuffie

The empire of Sovaresti Q'ilesta is torn apart by traitors and monsters.

Chapter 6: The Song of Blood and Names

Henrik Lerdahl

The Grand Finale, the Great Climax: After the terrible disaster has struck, and all his plans have shown their ultimate consequences, Murkha makes a final gambit to save himself, his world and his companion. But will the desperate plans of a single over-proud magician be enough to stop the incarnation of the Nameless? And even worse: What will happen if he should succeed? EDIT: I have been informed that the small line included in a magical formula needs to be translated. It's in Sylvan (self-made lingo), and reads roughly like this: 'We give pattern to they who have no pattern. I dance sorcery on them and upon their life' More or less. For more info on Sylvan, don't hesitate to ask.

4 - Project Talon

Ben Brannan

Kael is off to see the mysterious mage on Bimenta. He had no real choice in guides, though perhaps if he had known what luck followed Bahari, Kael would have chosen to stay home. 6,754 words. 12 pages.

No Future

Emily Lacy-Nichols

I'm writing this story because November is National Novel Writing Month (go to www.nanowrimo.org for more info). It's a sci-fi story following intergalactic spy Jayce Black through his various escapades. This is what I have so far...

The Changed: Prologue

Michael Ballmann

The prologue to my current story: The Changed.

By Fate

Michael Ballmann

This is my most recently finished story. Well, by finished I mean that I actually scrambled through enough pages to paste 'The End' on a page. It's not quite done, I'm having a few friends proof-read it and make me add in some more stuff, but other than that, it's done. It's set in a new fantasy world that I've created, which I'm going really in-depth on. Please post comments.

Godhunter Part IV: Cry Havoc

Jake Diebolt

With Bacht and the Saints of Battle destroyed, the Herald takes command of the Sacred Campaign and leads it deep into the heart of the Ahnnish Empire, burning as he goes.

Heart of Atirien, ch1, pt2

Terese Mörtvik

This is a story of heroes, reluctant and voluntary. This is a story of love, lucky and unlucky. This is a story of fate and being all that you can be, whether it be easy or not, whether it seems right or not. We are who we are and will always be, in life, in death and beyond. http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/libr/r/i/rivana/atirien00.html.html

Empire: Chapter I: Times of Change

Siegfried Baumann

Now, I know this looks very long, but even if you don't read the entire thing, I'd appreciate some comments. This the first chapter of a new idea I've had for a novel, and I'd really like to know what people think. I've got put up a hasty map, but it still incomplete in some places. So please leave some comments and tell me where to imrove. The idea for the story is basically like a medieval version of the Cold War, where two huge empires are engaged in a struggle for world domination, but both fear what will happen if they ever come to open war. So their battles are fought with pawns and innocents are caught in between.

Chapter Five: Presentiments

 Yikes! 'Tis a foul wind in the air, by god...  What does this mean for our comrades yonder? We must read to find out--after all, without the breeze, how would drama ensue? For updates on publication and distribution, please visit: balladofthemoon.blogspot.com/  UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/126941 All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :) ~Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/13/11  


Alexander Damien

One day last year I had an idea for a story. I gave it the name Descent and wrote down as much as I could, planning to develop it further later. But then I lost the file and had to do it all again from memory. The series that came off it were called CHARRIOT. The first book is The Fallen Sky (in revision right now) and the second one is So That I Don't Dissappear (being outlined now). But just a few days ago I found this little piece and was awed at how I hadn't deviated all that much from the original idea. The names are all different on the books, but I decided to not change anything from this piece.