How Neri freed her people

Kristy Sjostrom

This is a very short story, written when I was feeling a tad depressed, I think. oh well. It's still worth reading. This was when I was still on the whole: 'for it to be a good story someone must die' phase. Sometimes I still think this is the case.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 2

Beibei Du

Beri, who has found herself in the employ of the Empress, learns about her strange employer's history and habits.

The Kallian Swallow

Tina Andersen

Okay, backstory goes that, basically, Leman conquered Yanimara's homeland, and for rather political reasons forced her into marriage by slaughtering a village for each day she said no. Worked like a charm, no? ;) Incidentally, Leman and Yanimara are the ancestors of Aghamay and Aghanim from my story 'Origins of the Kingdom'.


Storm Blakley

i wrote this a few years ago, and only just discovered it again. i have no idea where it was going, but i thought it could be fun to read. who knows, i might even revisit it and keep going.

Bennie And The Jets Chapter 1

Tom Shine

Wow, I have 5 minutes to write this...basically very crazy and hopefully funny, just read it it for a change of pace to my regular stories. Although if you do that it'll expand and become one of my regular stories. Oh well. Dedicated to Erin Beanland, cause she's Erin. :)

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 16

Beibei Du

Elena's fate

King's Raven - Prologue and Chapter One

Heathyr Smith

I am enjoying writing this..I hope you enjoy it as well....

Holst's Jupiter: Prologue

Mike Prescott

Ok, this is what I've been working on over all spring break, and it's the UBER (I swear, these keyboards need UMLAUTS!)rough-draft, so if it totally sucks, please, keep that in mind as some sort of excuse for me. The name is interesting enough, so I guess I'll explicate on that. Holst was a composer, and he composed (hopefully what most of you will know) 'The Planets,' which consists of seven planets. (Pluto was had not yet been discovered, and eath was excluded) His movement 'Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity' is an excellent piece of art, and it made me think of comradery and fellowship, so I named it Holst's Jupiter. Well, I thought it was cool. ;) :) Well, this is the prologue of the Empress Sha'Kritz (a Nvrak, dark elf) giving her soldier the order to go a retrieve a phial of magnificent power. Anyhoo, leave comments! Enjoy! Please!

Swimming Under the Moon (Chapter 1)

Tara Young

This story is about Aliana, the Empress of Hymlock. It is fantasy/adventure with a bit of romance. She has the ability to turn into a mermaid. When her sister dies and Aliana becomes Empress, her bodyguard,Whelan, becomes even more paranoid of assassins. They do not realize how right he is to worry.

Ali Saga chapters 9-10

Megan Smith

Oiy for the rearranging of chapterness, still its quasi updated anyway.

Black Night

Danny Moore

Within the halls of the royal palace, something is amiss; the enemy is closer than believed.

IV. The Orchid Parlor

Kristen Heritage

Here, across the ocean from Magtara, we meet another important player in my story; Prince Thainen.  He is an ambitious mage, still smarting from a myserious disagreement with his father.This chapter is a little slow, but I promise more action and intrigue in the next chapter! :P

Conversations With Strangers

Emma Kathryn

Been working on a new character lately. Her name is Taint and she's an assassin for the empress. Taint has a brand on her back where she was once attacked by a demon lover and as a result has many demon-like qualities, leaving her not entirely human. This piece was written for my mate Kyle, mainly because I lost a bet but it also gave me some incentive to actually take Taint for a test drive and give the environment a shot. The main influences for the setting are a mix of Norse and Chinese mythology but thrown into a futuristic time. We'll see how it goes. Hope you like her.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 13

Beibei Du

Beri begins to scheme...

Sinner's S ong: Chapter 3

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

continuing in the flow of the SInner's song saga...

Life of a Phoenix: Part 1

Catharine Markwood

One world went through a cataclysmic event. No one would have ever thought that the destruction of a kingdom in a far off world would have any consequence to those who fought on this small one, but it would, and did change the lives of two intricately involved. This is that story. . . Of Love, Hope, Life, Death and Betrayal. . . A Betrayal so deep, and a death so shocking that it shattered the soul of the one who had become reborn through fire. . .


Laura Berg

I wrote a peom, and it came out really cool.

Life of a Phoenix: Part 2

Catharine Markwood

Aryun finally meets the elusive 'Him', and gets an explination. . . Kind of. . .


Jennifer Nelson

On Sunday, Aug. 13, 2000, Myra B. Nelson left this earth after a short courageous battle with cancer. Her spirit lives on through all who knew her. This gentle woman faced her short cancer battle with courage, dignity and humor. This was the first of these poems I wrote, I found it reciently. I have one grandparents left, and I am not relishing the thought of writing another such poem.

Ali saga chapters 21-23

Megan Smith

Well, just like it says. I do seem to be getting quite a collection going here, 23 is a pretty big number all things being equal.