Siren's Demise (Unfinished)

Nici Jackson

This story isn't done yet... because once I reached the part where the mystical creature thingie introduced itself to Tandra, I had nowhere else to go. So I stopped... and here it is now.


Mitch Wold

That's the problem with being the best - there's always someone gunning for you, aiming to make a name for himself...

Seven times Seven

Christel Chancy

Poem of a Sidhe halfling, who pits her small magics against the sea for love.


Julia Rill

um, well, the title says everything... :P

Myra's Secret

Jonathan Bahamundi

I wrote this story for an Elfwood writing contest. The story goes along with a beautiful picture called Summer Night done by Liga Marta Klavina and uploaded here on Elfwood. There may be more than one interpretation to the events of the story

Strange Folk

Lance Greenlee

They were strange folk, no doubt.  Still, they seemed good people, willing to share a meal and a roof with a traveler. They had slowed their truck down as they passed him on a dirt road between two farms, way off the highway.  He remembered there had been horses in the field to the left, fenced in with barbed wire strung between ancient posts.  On the right had been a high hedgerow.  In the back of the truck were their daughters, enchantingly beautiful and holding out their eager hands to help him aboard.   


Kate Inquisition

This is a short poem from the point of view of Hamlet, or possibly anyone else who was entranced by Ophelia. It was inspired of Waterhouse's rendition's of her, and posesses a fantasy theme. (5-4-03)

Black Horses

Becca Lusher

Something of another prologue to Still Waters for those who are interested. In it we meet Angharad, a mother of an unruly brood, including a young girl named Anwen, who seems to be enamoured of a Síe horse... Oh and you'll meet Idris too, who also shows up in Still Waters later on. Notes Cariad - A term of endearment


Alisha Dean

A poem used by a fairy to enchant a human.

Dire Enchantment

sammy sims

She's caught within his spell, as we often find ourselves trapped...struggling in a man's web. He weaves his magic in deadly ways. How can she escape his powerful enchantment? A wizard of death...that is all he is.

The Black Wolf

Jessica Zimdars

This is an older story of mine. I guess you could say it was my first real attemp at a legend type thing.

Fairy Tales

Jane Peters

When Thea steps into a fairy circle her whole world changes. Well, it doesn't just change - it shrinks. Fairy tales become a reality as she travels with a cursed Cane toad and narcissistic wood nymph in search of the First fairy magic. However, the dark fern forest holds many forgotten secrets, and the mocking shadow of the Lost prince also stalks their journey.

Magae Chronicles part 1, The Prophet

Julie Golick

My first story set in a high fantasy world called Magae. Also my first third-person piece on Elfwood. I'm looking for comments on whether I should continue with it.

Blessed Eternia - Chapter 4

Steven Cooper

Kyle and Chance follow Kai to a mysterious tower in the desert and deal with the perils along the way,

Chapter Two

Daniel Terrell Hood

The second chapter of a book i am writing.

Fair Maggie

Max Rinaldi

Just something I pulled together in the computer lab between classes a while ago. It's partly inspired by my own forest wanderings. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I stumbled across a fairy in some secluded grove (though the odds are good I wouldn't run!). I apologise for the somewhat idiosyncractic rhythm, by the way. It does exist, try reading it aloud if you can't find it (as all poetry should be read in my opinion).

Beauty and the Beast: Parte ye Prologue

Meredith Patterson

Every fairy-tale author has to do a refiguring of one of the classics, and this is mine. But it's a tale with a twist ... or a twisted tale, one or the other.

Mistress of the Nameless

Frances Gibbs

Concerning a Sorceress of great mystery.. Subtle yet powerful Mistress of the nameless enchantments, She herself is without name, and hidden in identity.

The Princess of Under-the-Dale

E. Nadeau

A fairy tale about a fairy, a mother-in-law and a hedgehog.


Erika Anderson

A young mother is estranged from her child in ways that she chooses not to remember. A gypsy gives a Prince a gift that takes his heart, and little Lily is the only one the wood will speak to.