The Final Fear

Ashley Erickson

A poem that i did about the world's end. This is (i guess) how i pictured what will happen. I hope you like it!


Fritz Nosbaum

Obviously a poem. Bad poetry, but anyway.

March 2030

Chiya Pike

Actually this reminds me a lot of a story someone else wrote, but i wrote this before i read that story!

Death Day

Megan Jackson

Based on Pluto. Earth and Pluto are at war and new technology on Earth is set to destroy Pluto at 12pm that day. A boy contemplates this news.

Re-Incarnate: 27-End

Dale Hardman

Here we are. The final installment. It's been fun reading with you, and I hope you've had a wonderful time reading my story. If you haven't, I fail to see what you're doing at the end of my story. KIND OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF DISLIKING SOMETHING IF YOU READ IT. God, I need sleep.


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

I suppose I felt apocalyptic one day.

Dependable as the sun

Brian Petrehn

Not the best piece of lit ya ever saw, but its a start. The end of the world is inevitable, the sun will die someday, hopefully we wont see it when it does.

An Immortal's End

Rolf Keijzer

A very short story/poem about an immortal.

Endera Conflict - Chapter 1

Abe Dieckman

This is where it all begins. The earth is thrown into chaos, and the final stages of its destruction are at hand. This chapter takes place a long time before the rest of the story.

The End

Alisha Dean

I had written a quasi-sequel to Silver-Eyes -- it took place in the same setting (though centuries later), and has a guest appearance by the ghost of Taydile Kett. Otherwise the two were not closely connected. It was called Child of the Old Hero, and this was a possible ending for it.

Story Study

Claire Casey

This is a short study that I did for a triology that I'm writing. Hopefully the first of the books will be published soon.

The Chronicles of Ultima: The End

Kaitlin Hatman

This is based on a dream I had awhile ago. In a series of Chronicles it would actually be the last book, but I liked how the prologue turned out so I thought I'd put it up here. Critique is always welcome! C:

Wizard's Lament (poem)

Marius Ernst

This is a poem about the life of a wizard. It can be happy or sad, it depends on with which side you indentify. Usually I don't write poems, but I was in a bit of a sad mood.

A Life that is Stolen

Megan Hale

yet another old thread, again about five years (had a long period of non/bad writing as you can see between then and now)

Just a Little Rain

Natalia Kostylev

What would it be like to be the last person alive? Random thoughts turn into a short story...think I threw enough apocalyptic things at a time in there?

Musa-Epilogue: The Stages

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

A/N: Thank you for reading! This is a different PoV, fyi. But I try to make it obvious very quickly.

The Dragon's Tale, Beginning

Itamar Widerker

A beginning of a tale I wrote, mainly due to annoyance that all heroes are humanoid.

The Cure

Michael Jones

 A sad story about a family seeking a salvation that may or may not even be there.

The Bird of Autumn

Micheal Yang

The fiery glow of the fallen leaves; A bird that watches from the trees . . .

A story of Stops

Kim Schoonover

'Tis a story with no 'e's. I blame Megan Proverbs and my keyboard. Megan because she suggested I write a story with no 'e's and my keyboard because the 'e' key quit working and because of that, events led to Megan's suggestion. Understand, here, that I couldn't use the word 'the', past tense, and a great deal of the English language besides. So, sorry if it makes no sense. >. O_O?! Its August 19, and this got a mod's choice. Wow. this is awesome, but also slightly creepy. *is not going to explain*