Painted Roses

Brenda Dale

This little poem is an interesting thing that I wrote a while back. It is essentially about the embrace of the vampires. The main character laments her lost life, and entrance into unlife as she stares at the painting that she did while living.

The End

Alisha Dean

I had written a quasi-sequel to Silver-Eyes -- it took place in the same setting (though centuries later), and has a guest appearance by the ghost of Taydile Kett. Otherwise the two were not closely connected. It was called Child of the Old Hero, and this was a possible ending for it.

For Love and Land

Ri Herring

I stayed up 'till waaay past midnight one night to finish this thing. I tried to incorporate as many elements of fantasy as I could. I enjoy this one, and I am pretty satisfied with it. Narrative poems are hard, since the matter being processed is slightly less nebulous than some other kinds of poetry.


Emilie Katter

This one was Soooo much fun to write ^.^ I've always wanted to know what it felt like to fly

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

Cinderella in stereo: two sisters, two slippers, two balls...but only one Prince. Let the melodrama begin...!

The End

Jake Mickelson

A cool poem that i just re-read which i had on file on my comp. Decided to upload it.

Conversations with the Muse IV 'Ending'

Maeve Leonard

Hm. I didn't realize I only had one more chapter in the CWM series. The assignment was that we had to write an 'analytical' piece, answering the question 'Is writing art?' (The class was called 'the art of writing', of course.)But I decided to continue with my muse theme, and wrote this instead. My teacher was so taken with my muse, that she didn't care. I got an A++ on my portfolio. This is the ending. ...I have come to terms with my art. But are the consquences worth it? This is The End.

Last Ride

Bethany Ward

She turned back to the dragon, whose eyes matched both her own and her grandson's, and with a final effort dragged herself up onto the dragon's back. She threw back her head, breathing in the sweet air.

Pair Bonded Dragons' Lament (and Delight!)

Paul Doyle

Two dragons from forthcoming novel sequence are content, but bored. Having been bonded for 500 years, these mates-for-life are starting to experience some relationship doldrums. But then they have a little adventure together, while their children are being tutored by the clan elders . . .

Learning Funny Several Times

G. 'Kat' Bird

This story is about a girl so outcast that nobody likes her.


Kris Millering

I like quantum mechanics, perhaps a little too much. And I wondered what the quantum version of vultures tearing out one's liver might be. The result is this strange little story.

Karmic Tear

Patrick Leblanc

Even Destiny Cries...

The Long Journey Home

Anthony HartJones

 Two heroes return home from a glorious battle. A glimpse at the events after the traditional ending...


Dave Heward

A souls fight against the power of Death.

The King's Bite

Emilie Katter

Does she live? does she die? I dunno...can't tell you here because everyone will read this first and I'll give away half the story and then people will get mad and....ok I'll stop now... ^.^

My Golden Days

Daniel Oehlmann

Another poem, hope you like it.

Hunters: Part 9. Is it the end?

Josie Barrett

Part 9. I'm not exactly happy with the ending. I think it needs something else.Please comment if you think the same way and I will try to fix it.

In Memory Of

Daniel Quigley

This piece is one that I began work on in the fourth grade, was promptly abandoned, and then resurrected again only a few years ago. Such is my creative process. 

Edge of a Dream

April ]-[3L' Jones

This isn't much. I guess when I woke up I just threw the whole thing down on some paper. I might try to fix it up some...

The End of a Beginning

Carly Williams

This is actually the oldest of any of the other stories on this page. It's not my favorite although I do care the most for it, being one of my first completed stories. Enjoy it as I do. 'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.' --T.S. Eliot, The Four Quartets