Shaysiris 14

Kathryn Gromowski

MATURE CONTENT!!!! Ok, now that that's just about as clear as it gets...Look, more people history! And then an utterly loathesome dinner, followed by a very...interesting evening. Uploaded: 11/26/05

To serve and protect

Anne Vea

What if the tales are true and the human race share this planet with other creatures of a more dark and mysterious nature? would they step up to do their duty if this planet was in peril or would they look the other way? Of course not! Enjoy.

Ancient Destiny

Diana Cooijman

Ancient enemies, an ancient fate and a quest to find redemption. Can a knight ever be forgiven for doing what he once considered his sacred calling?

Aria : Good-Life Gone

Kristin Thomas

All right! New and improved upload! I like this one a lot more. It's fantasy instead of sci-fi. There's still much twaking to be done. Please comment and tell me what you think!

A Fairy's Life

mironda burch

Being a fairy isn't as easy as you think

Operation Meowser-wowser

Krista Williams

Alright. Another random story! This one came from a combination of little sleep, too many credit hours, and putting the finishing touches on a report about the Stud himself, Ludwig van Beethoven. I was falling asleep and needed something to distract me until my next class. Voila! Another random outburst of blonde humor. Enjoy! Oh! And I have the permission of Hut herself to post this, as these characters come from her AMAZING beyond amazing story-turned-novel-in-the-making, Trench Coats and Love Notes. You can find it here: Oooo! Don't read this unless you've read to part...13 or so. Otherwise you might get a spoiler...which are not good. I don't care what anyone says. Spoilers stink.

MoTS -- 3

Laura Weber

In an ancient land where magic is commonface, two indebted brothers, a nobleman's son, a talentless priestess, and a mysterious shaman are bound together by a desire to change the past -- and, in that, a journey that defines fate and the strange origins of their world as they know it. Part three, first draft, yada-yada. Can you all tell that I updated this thing in the wee early hours of the morning?


Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ COMPLETED: This story, well, it started out completely different and somehow changed to something more. Im not sure where the idea came from, or even really what its supposed to mean. I'm not planning on continuing it. I'm just writing short stuff to try to improve my writing skills. The transitions are rather rough... Actually, its all alittle rough. Kaigen finds himself in an upsetingly strange landscape with no memory.

The Old Pirate

Charity Harrell

The sad story about an old pirate and how he becomes alone. I think I might continue it.

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 4

Siegfried Baumann

And here's some of the story from the enemy's point of view. In case you're wondering why I suddenly switched to third person, that's just how I do all the stuff in Technology that isn't actually experience by Dave Tenson. Enjoy and leave some comments pleae.

Coming of Age-Parts1&2

Jane Richer

Short story although I am toying around with making it, part of a world I am calling Dastan. On this world is a place, the tangerian wastes, devoid of people and two clans are present there the Meri and the Feri. These clans of cat-like creatures are ancient enemies but neither remember why and still attack each other. Female Meri steal young males from the Feri clan and mate with them  and lord over the captive males. Many tales are told by the Feri as a way of teaching young to protect themselves and to kill any Meri that approaches. This is what Atalan has been taught, yet he still is surprised to see one; a female, let alone have her challenge him!

Rough Draft Atlantis

S.E. Ripley

The original First Chapter for Atlantis. 2005

Second Time Round

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

A young human woman was murdered centuries ago, in another world. She has been reincarnated into this day and age. However, two others have been reincarnated as well, and one of them is her murderer…

Tivona (Chapter One)

Crystal Dawn

A story about a woman tortured by dreams, who must save herself before one that would devour her soul destroys her .. first she must decide who are her enemies, and who are her friends. (90% of this is actually DIRECTLY from a solo I've been working on in the rp chat room I go to .. that's why it might seem a little odd .. I only wrote about one paragraph a day, and so each one is inspired by different thoughts and emotions ..)

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 9-11

Dale Hardman

The end of the first 'part,' I guess you'd say. After this it moves onto a new area with it's own problems.

Rose Red

Kayla Miller

Two old enemies who have been fighting for centuries decide to duke it out one last time. I actually came up with the angel in this story first, then I made the demon because the angel needed someone to interact with! *lol*


Mel Angel) Wright

Sometimes the loyalty and honour between enemies can be stronger than that between friends. Cougar's based on a very close friend of mine. (Any guesses? :P) Love you, babe, you make me feel like I'm flying.

Untitled - Prologue

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the Paranormal and some teenagers who are influenced by it.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 1-4

Dale Hardman

This is the first four chapters of my Re-Incarnate saga in one neat chapter. Reader's of the old version will notice I'm a lot more HTML savvy now. Note the pretty title.

Chapter 3: The Distant Beat of Drums

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

Rumor carried on a breeze... the sound of a drum beat on the horizon--the steady beat of war drums. When a peaceful evening is shattered by a deserting soldier tearing through the quiet village of Caer Tarnasa, Tarna finds himself at the cusp of something he never expected to see in his life. Refugees from the city of Caer Fora confirm the worst. War is coming.