Dragon Warrior


Its a poem about a fight between a man that can transform into a powerful dragon and his enemy, I wrote it a few years back.

Silver Inches

Lauren King

A woman seeks vengeance on her family, yet there may be someone out there looking for revenge on her...

The juggernaut's shadow

Stephen Neibling

This is basically the first story about the Juggernaut, a speed based character in a world of walking knights in heavy armor. Thought that i would point out the disadvantages of armor...But this is just the introduction.

Torn Souls:Chapter Two

Randall Ewing

The doppleganger comes, trapping Xixisnant Ael'taes's new ally.

Chapter 3 of Chronicles

Charity Harrell

Here's chapter 3 of the chronicles story. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 will hopefully come out later in December.

After the battle...

Scott Dougan

Another introduction, I wrote this as a college piece for my Original Writing assignment. I wanted to completely wipe the slate from my other works, which centred on humans, so I wrote about a race of giant, intelligent beasts =) The Kilikons have been ousted from their own world by magicians, tricked into helping them attack a small Kingdom. The Kilikons, however, deduced that the magicians were actually the ones who led their Enemy into battle against them. This freed the Kilikons from their blood oath, and now they're just fighting to survive...

Kiss of Firey Death

Toni Nadeau

Fire and wind, friend or enemy?

A Fairy's Life

mironda burch

Being a fairy isn't as easy as you think

Combating the Beast

Xander Brown

A tribute to Simone, Emily, Gardner, and all those other countless casualties to this fearsome menace that strangely enough, inspired me.

The Death of a Dragon

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this story when I was 14, so don't judge it too harshly, but I edited it recently, and I am actually a bit surprised by the quality of the writing. (A 2002 piece)

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 4

Siegfried Baumann

And here's some of the story from the enemy's point of view. In case you're wondering why I suddenly switched to third person, that's just how I do all the stuff in Technology that isn't actually experience by Dave Tenson. Enjoy and leave some comments pleae.

The Wish of the Mighty: Rail's Introduction...

Linda Billson

It's short, but not sweet. Poor guy.

Young Thief. Part 2 - Starting the quest for restoration.

Frank Berendsen

After releasing the power of the death wizard Blackshard and accidentaly transferring it to Blackshard's evil daughter, Damien has to find a way to stop her from destroying the country.

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe


Manuel Alejandro

A dead soldier's tale about his last battle...

Tivona (Chapter One)

Crystal Dawn

A story about a woman tortured by dreams, who must save herself before one that would devour her soul destroys her .. first she must decide who are her enemies, and who are her friends. (90% of this is actually DIRECTLY from a solo I've been working on in the rp chat room I go to .. that's why it might seem a little odd .. I only wrote about one paragraph a day, and so each one is inspired by different thoughts and emotions ..)

Yes, Sir

Jess Hyslop

There are times, when all the world's asleepAnd the questions run too deepFor such a simple mind.Won't you please, please tell me what we've learnedI know it sounds absurdBut please tell me who I am...-Supertramp, The Logical SongIMPORTANT: DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO THE END OF THIS BEFORE YOU READ IT. It will spoil it for you!!! If you want to know how long it is, I'll tell you: pretty long. I was going to split it into two parts to make it more manageable, but then decided not to. I like it as one, complete story.Update: 31/07/10: Corrected the HTML, which had gone funny near the end, and a couple of typos.  

The Riders of the King's Own ~ Part One

Anna Thomas

This was written for two things--first and foremost, as a present to all my friends online, since I was going to be nicking off to England for four months. Didn't end up finishing it quite~ in time, but I finished it while I was there, so that was okay. Secondly, it's an introduction to my favourite bois (and one girl), the King's Own. They're the group of the fifteen best warriors in Raykin, consisting of seven swordsmen, four archers, two archers and two pikemen. This is one of their missions, told from he day they leave Ni-Yana to the day they get back. Specifically, it's the most recent mission, from the end of the Summer before Silent Harmony properly begins, and Nimay's first as General. Beyond that, the boys pretty much explain it all. Part one is just basic introductions to the boys, as done by Prince Nolryn, and the mission brief, written by their General, Nimay. I love my girl *^^* Enjoy!

Voice of a Madman

Brian Cook

This is a poem dedicated to Lews Therin Telamon. I used end rhyme and there are two breaks in it, just to keep it sounding clear. I'm still working on my poetic skills however, and I wanted to give a break from Luck and Lust as well.

Jake 4 - Revised 12/9/00

Andrew Casey

Jake has an encounter with Professor Smith and then one with his old trainer, Malitedas.