Wolves Bane

John Shortall

A write up of some history of a book I have written, it tells of how an important character becomes what he his.


Sarah Wacko' Kerns

This is a story I wrote one day, just out of the twisted corridors of that place some like to call my 'mind'. For those of you who know any meaning behind the words that the tree forms, it's coincidence. Really *wink*. Enjoy.

Shadows IV-VI

James Anderson

The conclusion to my best story yet please read it is truly powerful.


Sarah Martin

About a girl named Ivory and a boy named Zeek who run off.

EOE: Chapter Four

Elly McFall



Erin Crawley

This is my very first short story. Funny how it took me a novel before I'd try my hand at this.

Future EoE

Elly McFall

A story from my Elemental of Energy universe, set in the future of that storyline. I'll eventually write was happened in between part 4 and this future bit. I'm also aware that this story lacks critical editing. And, wow!, the formatting is all kinds of silly. Sorry about that!


Carrie no.

its my story! i started it a while ago, havent written in it lately, but ohh i plan to! so far its about 35 pages long, ill put it on here in sections,., give me advice

Sea's energy (Poem)

Lynda Menard

free verese, obviously. I did it for school at about 11 pm. I am Really bad with adding titles to my work so I might rename it if another occures to me.

Kreebeck's Journal (Chapter 1)

C. Thompson

Prelude to Taelin's Travels, an as of yet unwritten series. This merely scratches the surface and is designed to strictly raise curiosity in order to promote further reading of the, as of yet, unwritten future chapters.

The Last Dragon: Chapter 5 - End

Beth Master' Lewis

That's right people, you heard me. It's the END!! I FINISHED something!! WOOT!! GO ME! GO ME! GO - *cough* Sorry. Now, I don't know whether I'm any good at finishing stories or not... since I don't do that much, so I'm hoping, desperately, desperately hoping, that the end isn't that bad. Oh yeah, and this is for Panu (NOT Megan, hahaha... erhm... yes...), who most likely got 300th commenter, but I'm not too sure.... anyway. ^_^ Go Panu! Go Panu! Go - *cough* What?? What're you looking at?? Read the story!

Furries Chronicle

richard laws

This is an experiment for me, I'll be honest. I don't tend to write stuff like this, but it has really caught my imaginataion. This is the story of several anthromorphic characters in a magic-heavy environment. I don't want to give to much away, but it has several threads that I hope to draw together. I don't have an overall plan for how this is going to end, or happen, just what I feel like whan I'm writing. If you have any suggestions about the plot, do mention them, they will be appriciated. Again, any feedback on HOW to write is always appriciated. If any part of this offends, please do contact me and I will endevour to explain myself.

Supremacy (Luan's last battle)

Alexandre Laguna

This is when Luan faces his foes for the last time. And it's also the last confrontation of the chronicle.

The Legend of Korina

Lynn Wiffen

The prologue of what I plan to be an epic fantasy fic. There is a war raging between two factions of the Halfworld. Half want to break away from serving the gods and rule over the mortals of earth as they see fit. The other half are loyal to the gods, serving through time and trial, to protect the gods and the lives of mortals at all costs. This is a story of change in the heiracy of earths spiritual leaders, a time of crisis as two of the most powerfull halfworders are about to relinquish their roles. One for the sake of the greater good, the other, for nothing but evil and destruction.

The Elemental of Energy

Elly McFall

Change occurs everywhere. It is this change that will open up every being and person. Revelation comes with change...but what can you say when you find out that all you know...is not only 'changed' but not even for certain real?

A Winter Morning

Shuo Chen

This is about me...or dawn, I mean. No, it's about a winter dawn. Hehe...


Ailyssa Phoenix

Bringing peace and comfort - from a phoenix.

5 : An Agreement

Milla Lindqvist

Prolonged contact with archenemy + unlikely gain/almost certain death = a proftable arrangement ?

Prologue - 'Untitled'

Charles Willett

This is an unfinished prologue to the comic strip or anime video, still unsure of what I'm going to do with it and what the title is going to be and still in production of it. Most likely going to be a comic strip. It's about AI attempting to exterminate humans on Earth and the humans escape to the moon to rebuild civilization. Some of the humans get left behind and build underground civilizations based upon old magical beliefs, some humans are mutated by a virus released by the AI, some humans escape to the moon and rely on technological advances to survive all the while encountering new alien races.

how it begun

aidan ryuko

on my latest holilday I find out that I'm destined to safe the world from ozuru the evil wizzard that wants to become the mightiest wizzard of all by stealing all life energy posessed by the princess that he has kidnapped..