Chester Copperpot

Ok this one came from a conversation about time zones and people in the same time zone being on different times due to some being on daylight saving and others not (NSW + Queensland) the other person suggested I try to write a story about it only when it came to writing it, it sort of shited to wrong watch times, anyway its got holes in it too, bit stuck with it to be truthful, kept running away from me somewhat

Dealing the Death Card

Amy Downum

This began some time ago as a collaboration between my boyfriend and me. We split before I ever sent him the part of the document I had written, so everything here is my own material. Nothing here is his. A bit of background information on this piece: it is set in the near future, 2008 or so, in England. The main character and her species are my rendition of Vampires. I dont know if I'll do much more with this, but so far it interests me.


Mik Bechard

Written in OAC Writer's Craft, and has gone through numerous hackings and slashings. I'm still not overly impressed, but I can always fix it some more.

Old Kingdoms

Amanda Bills

A short, tense peice written in the fall of 2004, about a frozen refugee and her memory of the event that changed her life.

A Private War

Cheryl Scott

I'm sharing some really old things here.  This one is based on a real event, fictionalized of course.  Wrote it back in the 90s.  I was still looking for my own style. 

Garnet and Amber

L. Hoxie

A story of courage... A story of wit... A story of adventure... But most of all... A story of love...

Apollyon (1)

Carrie Ott

 Part 1 of 4. What kind of world is this? Who is he who haunts her steps? Watch the puppet dance on strings of steel.

The Maiden's Knight_early01

Chelsea Castonguay

A new story about Robin Hood and Maid Marian as young people growing up. It is not really how Robin and Marian met, but then it wouldn't be an original story if it was, now would it? This story is to be written in diary form, and these are the entries from early May. More to come.

Mechanized Magiks Ch 1: Of Jewel Shops and Taxidermy

Elizabeth Morrissey

Well, a lot of things inspired this, I don't remember them all . . . basically, I wanted to write a story with weird characters with weird names, set in 1800's England (or something very close to it, as I know virtually nothing about 1800's England.) Edit: changed the title. Edit: Reworked a little. Hopefully I can get on to Ch 2 soon . . . Construtive Criticism is very welcome :)


John Blackham

The introduction of a long story of lewis-carroll-esque fantasy. The setting begins in Worcestershire, England... but seeing as how I don't live anywhere near there (check my location), I am likely misinformed about the area. Be that as it may, the setting changes abruptly toward the end of this particular introduction...


Jacqueline Tanner

This story i wrote while i was overseas. I think it started in England and i finished it and rewrote it all in Italy. I quite like this piece. Its like a childrens story and i think thats why i like it... its so childlike and innocent. I needed to write a fairy story sooner or later...


Megan Balanck

I wrote this for my English class when I was 15. Long time ago, but I still like it.

Quick Silver

Lindsy Smigel

The two main characters are a shape shifter and an empath, based in 1812 London England. The shape shifter is by day, a mild-mannered Marquis who dabbles in the ton of society (upper crust party people), by night he is managing the family pack and keeping their existance safe. By day, she is a poor Baron's orphan living with her step siblings and abusive Uncle, doing what she can to scrape by. By night, she is an empath who can heal with her voice (something with sound waves, magic, etc..) They both have known each other since he was a teenager and she was a pre-adolescant, and both will find they need each other now that they are grown.

Quick Silver ; Chapter 3

Lindsy Smigel

third chapter in a series with same title. Set in London England 1812


richard laws

This is the first part of a story based on a myth from where I was born in England. It is a great and dark story and has always grabbed my attention. Please read this story and then tell me off for overcooking the description.

Apollyon (3)

Carrie Ott

 Part 3 of 4. You hover before me as a reminder of what I have lost, or rather of what I chose to neglect. To each his own. Such is the burden of living forever. 

Apollyon (4)

Carrie Ott

 Part 4 of 4. It creeps. It wheels and whirls. It devours, fangless but hungry. The fate you chose for me is n-. And so ends a world where not even words can find their conclusion.

Apollyon (2)

Carrie Ott

 Part 2 of 4. This is a world of lies. Or is that only what you want me to believe? No, it can't be. If you lied to me, the truth of this world would long ago have been devoured. You've been scheming. 

The torment of Seclusion

Kate Inquisition

This was my final project for English class. I had to create a renaissance diary of a non-famous person living during that time period, and include important events, and so on. I liked the one I did, and found it to be appropriate for this website, so here it is. It is the diary of a Hermit, the grandson of sir Bedwyr, King Arthur’s war Lord, who isolated himself after Arthur’s death. Of course in the project itself, it includes pictures of this infamous Kail, leaves, flowers, and so forth, I would have scanned them for this, but unfortunately, my scanner was not fixed before the time this was due, so perhaps you can just create a mental image. I collaborated on this project with Ashley Burdo, She did all the great artwork it had, and I did most of the writing. And if I may add, I did not think it to be complete unless there was some type of fantasy creature in it. I wanted to add a Centaur, but I didn’t find an opportunity, however fortunately, I was able to adjoin the presence of a dragon, or at least what this Hermit thought was a dragon (Hey, it had to be realistic). I’m not too happy with the constant mentioning of Shakespeare and queen Elizabeth, and the character development portrays him as being rather narrow minded and opinionated, but what was you expect from a hermit? I do like, however, how the creation of Romeo and Juliet was tied in with this hermit’s relationship with his deceased lover or wife, Kail. (6.1.03)

King Joe Eats Breakfast

Sean Daily

A tall tale that got transmitted into my brain one day at work from my alien handlers.