Hans Liu

Essay for Writing Through Character. Rushed the finish due to lack of time / sleep / food

The Awakening Chapters 3-4

Michele-Marie Dalene

Part 2 of The Awakening story. The problems for Michele Marie as a Dryad, Elmira's Education. Here is where the 'Rubber meets the Road' As Michele Marie, Gaia, Elmira are facing a challenge from Gaia's Daughter Fredia and the State Legislature to distroy the enchanted forest for its wood.

Machina Maleficarum

Matthew Deagle

'The Wicked Machine' Little Potential Intro Poem to my Story Tentatively titled 'The Epic of Motnekero'... Describes 'The Machine', the Orimesc, a gigantic demonic being that can endow any living thing with black magick if it is fed the substance known as starfire. The side-effect is that it produces a putrid substance that pollutes the world around it...

The Last Butterfly

Rachel Baker

A very short piece reflecting on the anti-environment and anti-inidividual society we might one day become.

A Flash in the Pan

Chris Jackson

Twelve possible futures for the human race... food for thought and fuel for your creative fires... Open domain for anyone to expand upon. Pleas note: I use the term 'Man' and 'he' a lot in reference to the 'Human Race'. This is not because I think the male of the species is in any way superior to the female... it is merely for convenience.

The Cloud

Timothy Maguire

 A team of scientists investigate the strange cloud that has descended on the Arctic before making recommendations to the British cabinet. A story I wrote for i09's environmental writing contest.

It Can Happen To You

Ileana Trifan

Two frogs in a terrarium are facing important issues.

The Doctor's Orders

Vicki Nemeth

This is the first time I've written in such a straightforward voice. Congratulate me. I used to write purple prose. This is only my first draft. I actually finished its tweaks on December 30th, 2004.