Rising Star

Jessica McCollam

Maybe you can escape hell, if you always believe.

At the Dawn of Midnight: Chapter 2

Emily Ratka

Hehe. Chapter 2 up and running! Enjoy! ^.^


Emily Morgan

Part one of my 'Earth, Sea, and Air Trilogy'. It tells about how I came to realize that something was wrong in my 'perfect' world of life. (laughs at naive self) I noticed changes that I wasn't ready for, and people changing that I didn't want to let go of. There's a lot of influence from some of my video games, along with some of my favorite books, so bear with me. I haven't worked on it in a LONG time, so help would be great.

'Faerfly Fantasy'

Elizabeth Steen

Haven't you wished you could sprout wings and cross the threshold of fantasy and reality...frolick in the mysts with the wee folk and forget about reality? I do all the time...*admiring her wings*

The Silever Brooch - Chapter Eight

Maria Elmindreda L

Elves and dungeons don't get along... A shorter than usual, but dark and gloomy chapter about the time Miriel spends locked up...

The Fated Rise of a Hero

Christopher Grant

A cocky ex-knight with a loose grip on reality finds himself in conflict with a murderous warrior as he flees for his life.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 17-22

Dale Hardman

The next part of the saga. Don't want to ruin it, so I'll shut up. Happy reading.

They Cried Witch

Heather Nicholson

There was a picture I stumbled across once, never to find again with the same title as this. The phrase/title just kept running through my head until I just had to write...SOMETHING!

Chapter 2

Sadaf Niaz

Misha is back finally! I think that I had the most fun writing this chapter, so far, though there is one other that I really like. I has a new MC that no one has seen yet. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

The Jailbreak (Part One: Escape)

Peter Bellisario

The openeing to a story about a jailbreak from a underground jail. It's my first short fiction story so it may not be very good. This is Part One.

Tim: Part 2, Escape

Matthew Herbert

Tim has been turned into a frog. What's he going to do?

Fall of the Millennium Trees Prologue

Benjamin Wixner

Getting PAID and getting out never used to be this hard, a team starts on an adventure without really knowing whats going on. In the future, nanotechnology and natural technology has produced among other things, the Millenium Trees, the temporary saviors of Mankid's growing population. But the Trees are threatened, and only a group of kids being chased by everyone has any chance of stopping the literal collapse of the world.

Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

Endera Conflict - Chapter 2

Abe Dieckman

In this chapter, we are introduced to the protagonist of this half of the novel, the last survivor of an expedition to escape the earth. Space is lonely...

Into the Night

Victoria Phillips

In the darkness, I shall run.

You will never let me escape.

Jennnifer Burlingame

This is a peice of prose I wrote to release some excess emtion.

Dilar part 4

Jeni Mullins

Continuing story of Massacre on Dilar

Aliaya's Story ~ Chapter 2

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 2/?: Aliaya finds herself alone and unprotected. Theres nothing she can do but continue or go back to her father. She continues on....

Aliaya's Story

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 1/?: Aliaya, being forced to get married, flees her home and everything she knows with her dear friend. An unfortunate event, however, seperates them.

The Path of Ascension Chapter 4

José López Vega

As the flame consumes the desert city, so is young Alros's life left to lie as still as ashes as he must now embrace his new life, but will he survive it?