Never Look Back 1.2

Charles Trowbridge

Chapter two of three in the story. Yeah, i know i write short chapters. I do alot of untraditional things.

Dilar part 4

Jeni Mullins

Continuing story of Massacre on Dilar

Lie vs Lie

Samantha Holloway

a little gritty-universe scifi for you here, just for a change of pace...

No Future

Emily Lacy-Nichols

I'm writing this story because November is National Novel Writing Month (go to for more info). It's a sci-fi story following intergalactic spy Jayce Black through his various escapades. This is what I have so far...

Thiefs: Chapter 3

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Well, time for another supporting character, but this one's gonna be a bit... abstract. Maybe.

Unlocked - VI

Emily Kirsch

On to part six. Kathi and Kev both helped me with it. I wasn't experiencing a writer's block.

Massacre on Dilar pt2

Jeni Mullins

and the story continues...

Glondarian Ale part 2

Jeni Mullins

Here is the next installment..only two more to

Glondarian Ale pt3

Jeni Mullins

one more to go...I promise!!

Thiefs: Chapter 2

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Ok, well, now that we know the two main characters lets begin to throw in a few supporting ones...

Thiefs: Chapter 1

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Wow... I'm trying sci-fi now... this could either be very good, or not.

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter II 'The Gathering Gloom Project'

Joel Meredith

This chapter evidences the character change in Kyra and really delves into who she is as a person and explores into the depths of how far humans can get pushed. It kind of ends in a cliffhanger. I think that it's a really exciting chapter and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Massacre on Dilar-Final Chapter

Jeni Mullins

The last installment of the Massacre on Dilar story--at last!

Blood Talks Chapter One

Brett Wilson

The first chapter! I did it! Introducing the main character, secondary characters, and something cool!

The Hayzur Chronicles-Ruby

Jeni Mullins

 I have updated Ruby and her stories...all new stories start with "The Hayzur Chronicles-"  Let me know what you think!

Crippled History

Jonathan Prins

This was a short story that I wrote for a contest at my school. No, I did not win. I did, however, enjoy writing it. Don't ask for more about Palenski, or the other guy at the end. There won't be any. However, there might be some stuff about Erik..

Massacre on Dilar pt1

Jeni Mullins

Ruby is caught in the middle of a plot by the Dilarians to commit genocide against the Trigs in the first part of this second story.

Glondarian Ale Pt1

Jeni Mullins

The next installation in the Ruby Chronicles...I hope you like it!

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 6

Beibei Du

Beri meets up with the other Elloran spies

Massacre on Dilar pt.3

Jeni Mullins

This is part 3 of the Ruby Chronicles story about Dilar and the